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Managed Service Providers

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Provance ITSM Capabilities for Managed Service Providers

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Provance IT Service Management is a native Microsoft Dynamics 365 application, letting you leverage the exact same flexibility, capabilities and usability benefits. Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP capabilities, delivering applications that work together seamlessly to help you manage specific business functions across Service Management, Sales, Marketing and Operations. With Provance ITSM and Dynamics 365, you can build on the familiarity of a Microsoft tool, keep important information together on a single platform, and administer to each of your customers unique and future needs. From Office 365 to Cortana Intelligence to Internet of Things (IoT) and Power BI—no other ITSM solution is supported by the depth of innovative platform technology that Microsoft delivers.

Incident Management, Change Management, Service Request Fulfillment and Problem Management

Provance ITSM lets you gain ITIL® best practices for services-centric IT processes right out-of-the-box. Optimized for different needs and different functions, intuitive dashboards and workflows increase efficiency and reduce time spent. Automated issue escalation and auto routing of incidents and service requests ensure a faster resolution with minimum customer effort. Step-by-step guidance reduces errors and produces consistency. Default dashboards and reports lets you monitor operations, balance workloads, spot trends, analyze historically and easily report on the “what happened” to customers.

PinkVerify™ Certified for 11 ITIL® Processes

Provance ITSM is organized by standard ITIL process areas, such as “Incidents,” Change Requests” and “Configuration Items”. PinkVerify is an internationally recognized IT Service Management assessment service. Provance ITSM holds the prestigious PinkVerify certification for the following 11 processes:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Release Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Continuity
  • Service Portfolio
  • Service Catalog
  • Service Level
  • Event Management

Provance ITSM lets you immediately benefit from the tried and true methods that have been already adopted and proven successful by the most accomplished companies in the world.

SLA Management

Provance ITSM lets you manage distinct SLAs for unique customer needs and environments. Countdown clocks, color-coded icons and notifications warn of impending SLA breaches, keeping you on task and letting you gauge issue resolution priority based on the service level for each customer.

IT Asset Management

IT Assets are the foundation upon which all IT services are built—Incident Management, Change Management and Service Request Management frequently require IT Asset Management processes such as move/add/change, procurement, storage and disposal. Provance ITSM lets you take control of costs and reduce risk with the management of hardware and software assets across the entire life cycle, from request to disposal. And to help you resolve issues more efficiently and cost-effectively, Provance ITSM makes it easier to review asset history and ownership whenever a ticket is created. Read more about Provance ITSM Asset Management Capabilities…

Code-Free Configuration

Tailor Provance ITSM to your own specific processes, policies and structure. Provance ITSM is not only highly extensible, you can make changes and modifications without coding and scripting. Graphical interfaces make it possible to add and edit data entities and fields, create and edit forms, add or modify process stages, and create business rules to automate actions based on specified conditions.


To increase efficiency and reduce error, you can automate frequent and repetitive parts of your processes. Provance ITSM lets you easily create business process flows and workflows to execute tedious and repetitive activities, tasks and data manipulations.

Ticket Template

The Provance ITSM Ticket Template feature ensures quality control, consistent reporting and better analysis. This feature lets you apply standardization and automation to tickets—speeding up the process of opening and resolving tickets, while also ensuring that tickets opened in a freestyle format can still be aligned to a common standard. There is also the ability to define a set of questions and answers to ensure accurate, reportable and timely data acquisition.

Self-Service Portal

Deflect tickets and provide your customers with a way to efficiently and effectively resolve common and minor IT issues. The Provance ITSM Self-Service portal is fast, lightweight and completely configurable, you can also tailor and personalize the self-service web portal for each of your customers.

Enhanced Reports

Analytical reports allow you to identify key issues, such as the root cause of errors and failures and take immediate action, preventing additional downtime, loss and multiple incidents as a result. Efficiency reports give visibility into how long it takes for resolution and departmental efficiency. Plus, Word and Excel template functionality lets you collect, aggregate and present data and account details.

Knowledge Management

Easily create knowledge base articles and publish to the customer self-service portal or to internal teams. Provance ITSM automatically suggests articles during data entry resulting in faster service and improved customer satisfaction. There is no need to navigate to different areas to look for articles as tickets also display links to relevant articles—giving you the information you need at your fingertips.

Cloud Service Management for Azure

Cloud Service Management creates a bridge between Provance ITSM and Azure, bringing IT the following capabilities:

  • Auto-populated CMDB: Cloud resources from Azure automatically appear in your CMDB.
  • Consolidated View of Azure Subscription Schema: Azure subscriptions and Resources Groups are synced and visible inside Provance ITSM.
  • Real-time Online Diagnostics and Configuration Management: Provance ITSM queries the configuration and actual status of Configuration Items in the Cloud on demand.   
  • Automatic Synchronization of Services: Services, defined in Azure Service Maps, are managed within the CMDB. A visual representation of the service can be shown directly from the Service Desk.

Azure Governance Integration

Get visibility of individual Azure Cloud resources’ compliance to organizational policies. Governance compliance definitions are set within Microsoft Azure and Provance ITSM automatically syncs this compliance syncs this compliance status, allowing IT to see if Azure Subscriptions and resources are compliant—all within a single console.

Cloud Service Management for Microsoft CSPs (Beta)

Provance ITSM is the only solution in the market that offers the management of Cloud Service Provider business within a PinkVerify™ certified ITSM solution. With Cloud Service Management for Microsoft CSPs (Beta), you can get:

  • A 360 degree view of CSP Accounts, including information and subscriptions in one place for faster resolution of issues and questions, as well as the ability to see available products and addons for accurate resource management and identification of revenue opportunities. No more swivel chairing between apps!
  • 24 x 7 Customer Self Service, which allows customers to easily and cost-effectively administer their own subscriptions from the Provance ITSM self-service portal, including viewing license options, and requesting subscription changes via the portal.
  • Microsoft CSP (Partner Center) portal data is available to customer service personnel, without having to rely on a few designated CSP experts. This drives better customer satisfaction with easy access to all relevant subscription data.
  • The ability to automate CSP management and changes, reducing manual efforts, errors and time to changes, with fewer resources, less complexity and cost.

Release & Deployment Management

Provance ITSM lets you facilitate internal and external communications, keeping software updates and deployments organized.  

Service Catalogue Management

The Provance ITSM service catalog lets you easily and effectively maintain accurate information—from the service criticality to customer benefits to critical dates—all within a single view. The service health dashboard displays key measurements by service, giving you a snapshot of the health of all the services. Plus, service mapping lets you see a quick visualization of the hierarchy between a business service and its technical services. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Services Compliance

Find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is compliant to regulations such as HIPAA, Section 508 VPATS and FERPA in this Microsoft published document about Dynamics 365 cloud services compliance. 

Provance ITSM Integrations

Microsoft Office 365®

Empower internal teams and improve your customers’ experience by using familiar tools—Word, Excel, OneNote®, SharePoint®, Outlook®, Skype® for Business—that increase productivity, improve team and client collaboration, and deliver easily creatable and customizable business documents and reports. Provance ITSM lets you enable full ITSM features directly from Outlook. 

Microsoft Power BI™

Be productive and creative, show your value to customers by leveraging feature-rich Power BI. Power BI is a data and report authoring tool that allows you to combine data from databases, files and web services—creating visually stunning reports that communicate effectively to customers or deliver powerful ITSM insights to your own team or executive management. Plus, you can set up an automatic data refresh so everyone has the latest information without delay. 

Microsoft System Center

Out-of-the-box connectors lets you automatically integrate data from System Center for better management: 

System Center Operations Manager

  • Allows network device definitions to create CIs and infrastructure assets for both IT Asset Management and IT Service Management.

System Center Operations Manager Alerts

  • Adds Operations Manager alerts to ITSM events, allowing incidents to be created automatically.

System Center Configuration Manager

  • Allows discovered computers to create CIs and computer assets for both IT Asset Management and IT Service Management.

System Center Service Manager

  • Allows legacy work items to be imported from Service Manager. 

Microsoft Azure security & operations management (formerly Operations Management Suite)

Customers using Microsoft Azure security & operations management? Get more accuracy, efficiency and better management of problems by leveraging the connection between Provance ITSM and Azure security & operations management (formerly Operations Management Suite (OMS). The out-of-the-box Microsoft Azure security & operations management Connector provides you with a real-time, automated and bi-directional integration with Provance ITSM. Azure security & operations management alerts will automatically create ITSM tickets (incidents, change requests or problems). Alerts can also be associated with ticket templates to trigger automations such as Azure Automations, Power Shell Scripts, Orchestrator runbooks or any other automations enabled in Provance ITSM. All Azure security & operations management created Provance ITSM Incidents and related Configuration Items (CIs) can be viewed within Azure security & operations management, providing administrators with greater insight and a historical record of incidents and change requests to continuously fine-tune how alerts should be treated. And once a ticket is resolved, both Azure security & operations management and Provance ITSM will keep a record, giving you more accuracy, efficiency and better management of problems.To understand how to set-up the Microsoft Azure security & operations management Connector as well as Azure Monitor pricing, visit here

Microsoft Azure DevOps (Visual Studio Team Services) Integration

Reduce time spent, streamline communications and solve problems more quickly by breaking down the silos between Devops and the Services teams with the real-time integration between Provance ITSM and Microsoft Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Team Services). ITSM related tasks can be populated directly into Azure DevOps, while developers also easily track and provide updates on their work items back to the Services team through Provance ITSM.

How does it look?

“10th Magnitude Managed Services leverages Provance ITSM to provide Infrastructure and DevOps services for our global client base. Customer-responsiveness and fast resolution are critical aspects of the 10th Magnitude Managed Services. The Provance ITSM connector for OMS helps make quick troubleshooting and increased productivity for our engineers possible.”

Ryan McDonald, Director, Managed Services at 10th Magnitude Managed Services