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When changing the values of the Current Level field there are three additional look up fields to users and one to the account. By default the Current Level is set to Service Desk. In the Assigned People section you will see the following fields displayed by default:

  • Owner
  • Incident Manager

Changing the Current Level value to 1st Line displays an additional field as follows:

  • Owner
  • Incident Manager
  • 1st Line Support Person

This continues to 2nd Line, 3rd Line, and 3rd Party Support (Account). The main benefit of doing this is that some organizations only allow the Service Desk or 1st Line to communicate to Customers. Let us walk through a use case to explain the benefits. I am a Service Desk user that cannot find a KB article to resolve the issue so I need to assign the record to 2nd Line. Since the Service Desk is responsible for handling the customer I add my name to the 1st Line Support Person field, then assign the record to Tier 2. With having multiple user lookups a Provance ITSM Admin can configure additional fields to view this type of information.

Out of the Box the My Assigned Incidents view shows all incidents where the current user is either in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or the Owner.

Lookup Issue with Assigned People (1st Line Support Person)

If you are on a version of ITSM below 1609, you may be facing an issue with assigned people.

Symptom: When changing the Current Level from Service Desk to 2nd or 3rd line, the 1st Line Support Person lookup is not visible.

This issue has been resolved in later releases, since we have deprecated a number of business rules and compacted them into a single business rule based on the actions they perform. If you are not prepared to upgrade, which we suggest to stay current with our release cycle, you can modify the business rule to resolve this issue.

In this case the Current Level - 2nd Line, Current Level - 3rd Line, and Current Level - 3rd party support have conditions based on whether that level is selected to show/hide other level fields.

Simply navigate to the Current Level - 2nd Line business rule and have the business rule show the 1st line rather than hide it as described below.

Please review the other business rules to ensure the proper fields are configured. Image has been included for assistance

  • Current Level - 1st Line
  • Current Level - 2nd Line
  • Current Level - 3rd Line
  1. Naviate to Settings > Customizations.
  2. Click Customize the System.
  3. Find the entity and expand it. It will be one of the following: incident, problem, service request or change request.
  4. Click Business Rules.
  5. Open the  PROV - Current Level - 2nd Line business rule.
  6. Change the Hide field 1st Line to Show instead.