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Hosters runs entire operations from Microsoft Dynamics

“The ITSM solution from Provance enables us to fulfill our promises to our customers. It’s also been beneficial to implement a solution based on the ITIL® framework used in many other companies.” –Jeppe Klestrup, CTO, Hosters.

Hosters is a hybrid cloud Managed Service Provider built on Microsoft technology and located in Denmark, with both large and medium-sized customers across sectors and a wide range of industries. No two companies are ever exactly alike in operations or requirements. Hosters excels at the development of customized IT solutions, inventing the “glue” between their customers’ various systems, while also ensuring ROI and advanced compliancy. Depending on their customers’ specific needs, Hosters can provide “as-a-service” operating services, hosting, Office 365®, Azure® and other Cloud solutions, IT hardware, networking, mobility, back up and full outsourcing.

The Challenge of Operational Silos

Hosters wanted to use one platform to run their complete operations and they chose Microsoft Dynamics® 365 (formerlly Dynamics CRM). Dynamics 365 offers powerful sales and marketing automation within an intuitive interface that can serve as a platform for extended CRM solutions, allowing for management of other relationships integral to a company’s success. Dynamics 365 also offers out-of-the box case management capabilities, but Hosters needed an application specifically targeting IT Service Provider specific workloads, rather than extending the standard case management capabilities provided by Dynamics 365. And so Hosters—with their innate IT know-how and ingenuity— decided to build their own IT Service Management solution to run natively within Dynamics 365.

"We were aware of some other ITSM solutions," said Jonas von Scholten, Solution Architect at Hosters. "But they’re huge and cost-wise, it’s not really feasible for a company under 500 employees to purchase a system that comprehensive, at least in Denmark. Besides, Dynamics is developer-friendly and when it comes to delivering IT services, we preferred the action driven paradigm that it uses."

Heard About a Dynamics-Powered ITSM Off-the-Shelf Solution

As Hosters laid the foundations for their new Dynamics-driven ITSM solution, they heard about the Provance ITSM solution (formerly known as AlfaPeople ITSM). Powered by Dynamics 365 and having native integration with Office 365, Provance ITSM lets companies deliver exceptional IT service cost-effectively, by leveraging existing investments in, and familiarity with, Microsoft management and productivity tools. The features range from automation, to codeless configuration, to robust reporting capabilities. After reviewing the feature set available with Provance ITSM, Hosters decided to stop developing their own ITSM solution.

“We realized it was more modular, had more instances of reporting, and more features in general than what we had built so far,” said von Scholten. “The time it would take us to develop a similar feature set would be—for me and the other people involved—too expensive.”

Besides the fact that Provance ITSM would be a Dynamics-powered ITSM solution that was already developed and supported, another important point for Hosters was that Provance ITSM would provide them with a ready-made yet easily configurable ITIL® framework, providing Hosters with industry best practices for streamlining service delivery. Provance ITSM is PinkVerify® certified for 11 ITIL processes.

The End Result

AlfaPeople, a Provance Global partner, provided training and worked with Hosters to advise and guide the deployment of Provance ITSM into their environment.

Even with only one employee at Hosters deploying Provance ITSM, they were able to configure it for their needs and be quickly up and running. Since implementing over two years ago, there has been complete compliance throughout the entire company.

"With the Dynamics engine running Provance ITSM, it’s responsive and action driven. If you’re already using Dynamics, it’s very easy to model your ITSM business processes around that," said von Scholten.

Dynamics 365, along with Provance ITSM, have enhanced internal team collaboration and customer interactions. Its comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities gives Hosters better insight into performance and service delivery KPIs. "We can do tremendous amounts of reporting," said von Scholten. "We deliver monthly reports to our customers, whereby about 70% of all the data comes from Dynamics 365 and Provance ITSM, because we’re able to record all types of activities, deadlines, asset data and so on. Reporting is the foundation for us to uphold our contracts and obligations to our customers."

With a mandate to provide customers with service, innovation, engagement and commitment, Dynamics 365, along with Provance ITSM, are the tools used that help support Hosters to deliver on their promises.

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