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IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), as created by the U.K. government has been adopted as the global de facto standard in IT service management (ITSM). ITSM is a philosophy of IT management that outlines key activities and goals for IT to evolve from systems-centric to services-centric IT processes. ITIL is vendor and solution agnostic, and can be applied to any platform without regard for the underlying technology. ITIL V3 defines the top level processes and functions that constitute best practices in IT management and the service lifecycle. MOF and ITIL V3 There are many similarities between MOF and ITIL V3. Microsoft has been long involved with ITIL as both an adopter and a contributor. 

To make this ITSM more relevant to its platform, Microsoft’s Operations Framework (MOF) is focused on providing a common management framework for its platform products in a streamlined manner. The MOF framework was first released in 1999 as a structured approach to assist Microsoft’s customers to achieve operationalexcellence across the IT service life cycle.  Based on ITIL, MOF has been developed with the assistance of Microsoft users, customers, partners, internal IT and research groups to provide guidance for managing IT services throughout the lifecycle. MOF 4.0 has been the latest iteration, and is structured for the IT professional with a focus on outcomes, results and roles through Service Management Functions (SMF). MOF 4.0 has been driven to meet the new realities facing IT, from increases in business value, regulatory requirements and the continual pressures on efficiency. Both ITIL and MOF drive the similar ITSM goals of operational effectiveness with IT operating like a successful business. 

A successful ITSM program is driven to keeps its customers happy, constantly improve its services while managing in a changing marketplace, while being as efficient as possible. With ITIL and MOF the benefits that ITSM provides to the enterprise are significant. Provance IT Asset Management is designed to enhance and support your implementation of best practices for ITSM, with support for ITIL and MOF. The Provance IT Asset Management Pack runs natively on the Microsoft System Center Platform, allowing you to advance your IT effectiveness in keeping with the Microsoft Core Infrastructure Optimization model. The Provance IT Asset Management Pack Free Evaluation version can be downloaded from

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