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Desktop Total Cost of Ownership - 2011

Gartner revised its previous 2008 Desktop Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for 2011, citing ownership costs ranging from $3,310 to $5,795 depending on how well the systems are managed. The TCO study includes the cost changes from hardware, software labour inputs and end-user costs. The TCO findings are significantly larger than the roughly $240 amount used for the PC hardware, and the $700 for software and software maintenance. The Gartner study demonstrates significant cost advantages from well managed desktop PC’s, up to 43% lower than unmanaged devices - with additional savings of up to 35% of the electricity costs. These findings again highlight the value of a strong IT asset management program, particularly in conjunction with IT service management. Information of this nature will be difficult to collect, and nearly impossible to maintain without IT asset management program, integrated with IT service management. IT asset management will allow your organization to proactively plan and effectively manage the costs associated with your IT assets and the services they support. The Provance IT Asset Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Service Manager will provide you with the insight into both active and inactive assets you need to support effective financial analysis, budgeting and operational planning. With visibility and control of your assets throughout the entire life cycle – from procurement to decommissioning – you’ll optimize asset use, reduce costs and guarantee your enterprise gets full value from your investments in technology and avoid the high costs of an unmanaged network. See Gartner ID Number: G00208726 for more information.  

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