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Software Asset Management 101

An ongoing Software Asset Management (SAM) program will make it easier to identify your software assets, where they are running, and where you are overlicensed. SAM can help you cut costs, improve security and compliance, as well as anticipate future software needs. See below for a quick primer for why you need a software asset management plan. Software Volume Discounts SAM can help to significantly cut software costs. Controlled software purchasing from authorized vendors will allow for better overall assessment of current and future needs licensing. With better visibility and forecasting, the selection of a suitable Microsoft Volume licensing program can offer benefits from points pools for progressive discount tiers with Microsoft Select and Microsoft Open programs. Software Inventory Control With an ongoing SAM program, you will have significant benefits from better software inventory control. Knowing what, who, and where software is deployed will allow for better liability control from non-compliance, helping to avoid potential fines and reputation damage. Further, understanding your licensing inventory will allow for True Down for software licensing that is not in use for Subscription agreements, and allow for the removal of support agreements that may not be required. Financial Control SAM will help with software standardization across the software’s lifecycle, allowing for improved budgeting and potential easier accounting. Tax benefits from the uniform depreciation on the software assets will be easier to assess and attribute. Further benefits will be evident from the short and long term budgeting, along with better visibility of these crucial business productivity assets. IT Support Efficiencies Software upgrades can take significant efforts and result in many soft costs that would otherwise go unnoticed. A clear software progress path will significantly cut cost, as well as improve user experience. IT support costs and effectiveness are also improved if the support team can assess which software is in use, and where. See the free Whitepaper on efficient IT service management at Better IT service will help to drive employee satisfaction, ensuring that they maintain the critical software tools that they need. IT Security SAM will help to cut security risks from unauthorized software and their potential lack of security updates, better securing your network. Visibility into non-standard applications and rogue applications will cut IT security risk. Disaster Recovery Backup plans are critical for ensuring business community. Accessible IT infrastructure, hardware, backup images and connectivity will be of little use without the required software to run them. Access to the Product Use Rights (PUR) will allow for your team to assess what software they can use when the need to.  Assembling all of the software data, with proof of ownership will allow you access when required to ensure accessibility. Understanding your software position will allow you to do more with the software that you already have, and to better budget for future.

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