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New Releases! Provance Version 1.2 SP-1

The Provance development team never rests in their mission to continuously refine and improve the Provance management packs for Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010! Now available are two new releases: the Provance IT Asset Management Pack version 1.2 SP-1, and the Provance Data Management Pack version 1.2 SP-1. In addition to enhancing the performance and product experience, both new releases include some very exciting new features.

New Provance IT Asset Management Pack Features

In addition to making the best fit calculation of upgrade and downgrade license entitlement more efficient, we've added a new graphical view that gives you a visual representation of how the upgrade and downgrade rights have been calculated and applied. This is particularly useful when trying to understand highly complex upgrade conditions, such as upgrades to upgrades, edition "step up" licenses and cross product competitive upgrades. You can now also choose to view your license postion based on assignment instead of installation. This is a very useful mechanism for tracking licenses that have no installed license artifact such as CALs, and for licenses deployed in highly dynamic virtual environments. Customers and partners can download and install the new version 1.2 SP-1 release from You can also download a new, updated evaluation version of the Provance IT Asset Management Pack from the web site.

New Provance Data Management Pack Features

Rather than wait for our next major release, the Provance development team has worked overtime to deliver our most requested Data Management Pack feature: Scheduling. The Provance Data Management Pack 1.2 SP-1 release now provides you with the ability to define and schedule import of CSV or SQL Server data sources using PowerShell. This includes the ability to schedule imports on specific days or times or according to a pre-set schedule. With the Provance Data Management Pack 1.2 SP-1 release you can also now preview your import data, and perform more sophisticated data transformation at import with operators such as concatenation, splitting and substrings.

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