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Simplify Data Import with the Provance Data Management Pack

Maintaining up to date and accurate data is essential to support efficient IT service and asset management. Manual data entry is time consuming, expensive and is prone to data entry errors. Traditional data import into Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010 (SCSM) requires several steps and XML coding to import your CSV files. The Provance® Data Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010 (DMP) simplifies the process of getting accurate data into and out of SCSM. The Provance DMP’s wizard driven interface allows for simplified connection to a SQL Server database or CSV file, visually mapping data to its destination in the SCSM CMDB. With the Provance DMP you can easily import data from other IT service desks, import tools, discovery tools, network systems management solutions, user management systems, Configuration Management Systems (CMSs), CMDBs, and ERP and CRM systems. Further, data that may need incremental updates or ongoing synchronization with other systems and applications can be configured as a scheduled template for automated synchronization. The Provance DMP also makes it easier to get data out of Microsoft System Center Service Manager. The exported data can be manipulated in Excel and re-imported with the Provance DMP to ease bulk changes to data in the Service Manager CMDB. The Provance DMP supplements the SCSM’s connectors for Active Directory®, System Center Operations Manager, System Center Configuration Manager, System Center Orchestrator (Opalis) and CSV import with the ability to access data directly from Microsoft SQL Server®. Whether you are making a onetime data migration to SCSM, or require ongoing data synchronization with other applications, the Provance DMP lets you import file outputs from third party systems and access data directly from staged or transactional database repositories. Contact Provance for more information on the Data Management Pack.

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