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State Agency Reduces Time to Set Up New Users by 85 to 90 Percent with System Center and Provance

A recent Microsoft Case Study on the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) detailed their selection of the Microsoft System Center family of products and the Provance IT Asset Management Pack over HP Service Manager, IBM Tivoli and LANDesk for simplicity and integration, technology readiness, intuitiveness and a proven record of reliability, scalability, adaptability, and extensibility. DCF needed an integrated solution for all aspects of IT management, including configuration management, software deployment, operational monitoring, service-desk operations, and IT asset lifecycle management. 

DCF chose a solution based on the Microsoft System Center family of products, and the Provance IT Asset Management Pack for System Center Service Manager 2010. Deployment of these components was rapid and cost-effective, enabling DCF to quickly begin realizing strong benefits that include enhanced service levels and a significant reduction in the time required to complete many common service-desk tasks. 

DCF chose the Provance IT Asset Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010 to meet its IT asset lifecycle management needs. The management pack from Microsoft Partner Network member Provance runs natively within Service Manager, supplementing its functionality with tools for tracking details on asset assignment, ownership, location, lifecycle status, contract coverage, purchase details, and cost. The cost of the department’s System Center solution compared to the alternatives considered is just as compelling as the functionality it provides. “LANDesk came closest in terms of functionality, but a complete solution based on LANDesk would have still cost more than System Center—without delivering anywhere near the same breadth of utility,” says Chris Luter (Technical Services Chief, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families). “With System Center, everything just works—and works together—to deliver an improved experience for both users and IT personnel.” For the full case study see  

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