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Provance Recognized for Innovation and Microsoft Integration in Latest Gartner MarketScope

In the new MarketScope for the IT Asset Management Repository published earlier this month, Gartner Research evaluated 13 ITAM solutions targeted at midsize and large enterprises. Provance was rated overall as “Promising,” receiving recognition from Gartner for strong integration with Microsoft System Center and ability for rapid innovation. The lack of multitenancy support in the Microsoft platform and a bar coding solution are Gartner cautionary notes. Gartner particularly recommends the Provance IT Asset Management Pack as an option for small and midsize Microsoft-centric businesses. 

According to the Gartner MarketScope rating framework, the “Promising” category is defined as “Shows potential in specific areas; however, initiative or vendor has not fully evolved or matured.” Although Provance has been included in all of the recent IT Asset Management Repository MarketScopes, this is the first time the company’s assessment is based on the newly-released Provance IT Asset Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010. Only three very large IT operational suite vendors, BMC, HP and CA, achieved a higher rating in the “Positive” category. After just 18 months in market, the debut version 1.0 release of the Provance IT Asset Management Pack rates strongly relative to these mature solution offerings with a long time market presence. 

About Gartner Marketscopes Gartner MarketScopes offer visual snapshots of a market's direction, maturity and participants. MarketScopes provide an overall market rating that indicates the strength and potential for the market in general. In mature markets like IT Asset Management, MarketScopes provide insight about the ongoing value of products and services. The MarketScope for the IT Asset Management Repository (ID Number: G00219419) is available for purchase from Gartner Research:

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