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Introduction to Provance

The Provance IT Asset Management Pack is a Process Management Pack that runs within Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010 to provide Software and IT Asset Management. The supplemental capability provided by the Provance IT Asset Management Pack allows Microsoft System Center customers to take control of IT costs, improve IT Service Management efficiency and reduce security and compliance risks. It extends Microsoft System Center Service Manager with additional functionality to manage the financial, contractual and organizational information necessary to support Software Asset Management, License Compliance, IT Asset Life Cycle Management, and more cost-effective and efficient IT Service Management. IT Asset Life Cycle Management The Provance IT Asset Management Pack lets you view and manage cost, contract and organizational information in addition to the operational data in Microsoft System Center Service Manager. Tracking important business details about asset assignment, ownership, location, life cycle status, contract coverage, purchase details and cost lets you: • Improve vendor management • Eliminate redundancy and surplus inventory • Optimize the use of warranty and support contracts • Avoid lease overrun penalties Visibility of assets that cannot be detected through configuration scanning, and non-operational assets that are in storage, on repair or disposed means you maintain full control of all your assets through the entire life cycle. Software Asset Management Track and control your software to minimize costs and maintain license compliance. The Provance IT Asset Management Pack calculates your software license entitlement based on purchase records. Comparing your calculated entitlement with the actual inventory of installed software immediately identifies overspending on unused software and shows you under licensed titles that pose compliance risks. The Provance IT Asset Management Pack allows you to associate your software licenses with volume purchase agreements, and with support and maintenance contracts. For optimal control of your software licenses, you can designate approved and unapproved software titles, allocate software to specific locations, cost centers and organizations, and assign software to specific users or devices. Enhanced IT Service Management Putting IT Asset Management information at the fingertips of your IT Service Management personnel supports more efficient and cost effective IT Service Management. The Provance IT Asset Management Pack gives you access to valuable decision support information right from the Service Manager Console that speeds incident resolution and fulfillment of change requests. Knowledge of hardware warranty coverage, support contracts, leasing agreements, unused inventory and replacement schedules empowers front line IT staff to quickly determine which option not only meets the operational requirement, but will do so at the lowest possible cost to your enterprise. Native to the System Center Platform As a process management pack, the Provance IT Asset Management Pack is built and operates entirely on the Service Manager platform. It's not integrated -- it runs natively as part of Service Manager, sharing and extending the Service Manager CMDB, Connector and Linking Framework, Workflow, Templates, Forms, Knowledge Articles and Data Warehouse. It fully leverages the out of the box Service Manager connectors to Active Directory®, Configuration Manager, and Operations Manager, and is easily configured and customized using the Service Manager administration features and Authoring Console.

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