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One time is a fluke; twice, is a coincidence; thrice, is confirmation …

My apologies in advance to any and all Ian Fleming fans should the title of this post not please you.

But the quote (well at least the variation of it that is used in the media) seemed very apropos in relation to the latest Provance releases within 72 hours after System Center 2012 R2 RTM.

It’s been three years since Provance invented process management packs for Microsoft System Center, launching the Provance IT Asset Management pack for System Center Service Manager (SCSM) in 2010.  With every subsequent System Center update since, Provance has been there too.

This “partner sync” represents a monumental achievement which has seen Provance receive plaudits from Gartner in past and present IT Asset Management MarketScopes and most recently by Microsoft Corporate VP, Brad Anderson. 

“Provance’s close synchronization of their products’ updates with our new releases gives our customers great value,” said Brad. “By making all of their management pack products available in multiple languages virtually simultaneously with the release of Microsoft System Center 2012 R2, Provance exemplifies how effective collaboration can benefit customers.”

On that note, I’m proud to announce that today, less than three days after official release by Microsoft, the Provance IT Asset Management Pack, Provance Data Management Pack and Provance Bar Code can be used with the new Microsoft System Center 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 releases. The updated Provance products provide enhanced performance and new capabilities, and the releases are offered in all available language localizations. 

In addition to upgrade and compatibility support with System Center 2012 R2, the Provance releases provide enhanced reporting and performance capabilities, strengthened international multicurrency and languages, and improvements to the user experience. 

If thrice is confirmation, then you may ask yourself, confirmation of what? Without falling prey to the pandemic of self-congratulation and hyperbole that seem to afflict some companies and “teams”, we here at Provance believe that it tangibly confirms us to be best in the joint IT Asset Management-IT Service Management business. 

Until the next System Center release, enjoy the current iteration of Provance IT Asset Management solutions for Microsoft System Center.

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