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IT Asset Management: It's All About Process

This newsletter, sponsored by Provance, investigates issues and best practices around IT Asset Management and how to realize significant business benefits through the use of ITAM. This newsletter includes two articles on key topics in IT asset management:

"IT Asset Management: It's All About The Process" estabilishes the critical importance of developing and implementing well-defined processes to ensure efficient, consistent and accurate execution of IT asset management. It explores how to source and develop processes based on best practices for IT asset life cycle management, achieve increasingly greater benefits through continuous process improvement, and how to use effective tools to provide process support and automation.

From the Gartner file, "Demonstrate the Relevance of your ITAM Program by Using Outcome-Oriented Metrics" provides guidance on how to quantify the value and ROI delivered to the business through ITAM practices. It offers insight to IT asset managers on how to measure benefits that can be used to justify continued executive sponsorship and ongoing investment in ITAM resources.


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