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Provance ITSM Asset Management Capabilities:

IT Asset Management App

Engineered specifically for Asset and Inventory Managers, the ITSM Asset Management App provides more efficient management of the lifecycle of assets and agreements, with easy access to detailed asset, ticket and other necessary information at their fingertips.

Centralized Asset Management

Gain the full value of your assets throughout their complete life cycle with centralized asset management, regardless of how widely your assets are dispersed. Provance ITSM tracks and maintains comprehensive details about all your assets within a CMDB (Configuration Management Database). With centralized asset management, you’ll have a common and complete view of your assets across your entire organization, helping you to minimize surplus inventory, avoid unnecessary purchases and take full advantage of economies of scale to minimize costs.

Asset Life Cycle Processes

The business process flow guides asset managers and field technicians through every stage in the life cycle of the asset – from request to disposal – organizing important information to ensure accuracy and cost-effective decision-making.  With Provance ITSM, less time and effort is wasted reconciling inventories and auditing asset history, allowing you to stay on top of the location and status of all of your assets and to optimize asset use and productivity.

Surplus and Disposal Management

The need to manage assets doesn’t end when it’s no longer in use. Management of inactive surplus inventory and proper disposal of assets is critical for cost recovery, security and to meet regulatory and financial requirements. With Provance ITSM you can reallocate or resell surplus assets, terminate maintenance, support and insurance contracts on disposed assets. Asset history tracking ensures you meet regulatory auditing requirements and maintain information important for financial reporting and tax purposes. Asset tracking of disposal certificates and supplier contracts will help maintain integrity and safety. Provance ITSM lets you greatly reduce the effort, risk and costs associated with surplus and disposed assets.

Repair Management

When assets are removed from your premises for repair by a third-party, it becomes extremely difficult to track and manage. Provance ITSM lets you track the life cycle status so you have full visibility to assets out on repair. Also, Cost Events allow you to maintain an itemized record of service related expenditures for each asset, including maintenance, repairs and upgrades. Plus, you can analyze asset history, including incidents, problems and repairs, to better plan and negotiate future purchasing and maintenance contracts.

Hardware and Software Tracking

Bring together isolated silos of operational and financial information into a unified actionable view. Easily import and associate detailed hardware and software configuration data with your business systems, such as invoicing, finance or human resources. Provance ITSM brings together asset detail from multiple sources—auto discovery solutions, business systems, manual entry, CSV or flat files, spreadsheets and databases—and provides you with a single, consolidated source of data for analysis and reporting. Plus, with the ability to build actionable dashboards, export reports into Word or Excel templates, or use Power BI to visually show statistics, you can use familiar tools to deliver easily understandable reports to various roles and departments across your organization.

Asset Cost Tracking

Get the full picture when it comes to the true life cycle costs of an asset. By tracking costs related to purchases, repairs and support against individual assets or maintenance contracts, Provance ITSM lets you make more cost effective decisions about asset use, negotiate more favorable terms with vendors and improve budget management and forecasting.

Contract and Lease Management

To efficiently and cost-effectively manage financial commitments, Provance ITSM gives a comprehensive overview of your contractual relationships with external companies. Whether assets are leased or rented for your service agreements, you can proactively monitor contract commitments, meet dates for returns and expirations, and thereby optimize asset deployment and avoid late return penalties.

For assets under lease, Provance ITSM provides comprehensive change management and historical tracking. With Provance ITSM, you can keep track of lease expiration dates, recover and receive credit for hardware or software added to an asset as well as keep track of credit owing to service providers for any equipment upgrades.

For warranty and maintenance agreements, you can derive maximum value by having immediate access to up-to-date information by using a centralized information repository. Important details are tracked—such as maintenance period, warranty end dates, terms and conditions, supplier contacts, support coverage and so on, letting you easily identify issues before they cost money. Notifications provide you with automatic reminders, such as for warranty end dates, while the integration to IT service delivery processes enable service desk personnel, for example, to easily determine the required scope of restoration for failed equipment.

Data Management

Provance ITSM ensures that your service and business processes are supported with accurate, timely and consistent data. Maintaining a history of all data changes, Provance ITSM allows for trend analysis and auditing, and your data is reliably maintained in an ITIL- compliant CMDB (configuration management database). You can also associate assets to a work item, create Incident, Change or Service Requests for multiple assets as well as perform tasks simultaneously, such as adding assets to contracts or changing asset details. And for frequent and routine data manipulations, you can easily create workflows. With Provance ITSM, you can connect to a variety of sources to import data and there are several out-of-the-box connectors for easy integration with System Center Suite components, including Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Orchestrator as well as Active Directory or leverage online environments like Azure Monitor and Azure Automation.

Dashboards and Reports

Provance ITSM out-of-the-box dashboards and reports lets you monitor operations, balance workloads, spot trends and analyze historical information. Analytical reports allow you to identify key issues, such as the root cause of errors and failures and take immediate action, preventing additional downtime, loss and multiple incidents as a result. Efficiency reports give visibility into how long it takes for resolution and departmental efficiency. Plus, Word and Excel template functionality lets you collect, aggregate and present data and customer service details, while the integration to Power BI lets you create visually stunning reports.

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