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Webcasts: Exceed Customer Service Expectations with the Provance ITSM Self-Service Portal and Knowledge Management

Customer Service expectations are rising. A self-service portal informs and supports, letting end users resolve issues themselves or effectively log issues, while agents can collect the right information and efficiently resolve issues.  Join Derek Renton and Chris Mahanes to learn how agents and employees can benefit from the Provance ITSM Self-Service Portal.

In this webcast, you’ll learn about:

  • How the Provance ITSM Self-Service Portal helps agents and end-users be more efficient and effective, reducing ticket volume.
  • How to use the Self-Service Portal ITSM notifications, dynamic forms and approvals as well as the Service Catalog feature.
  • How to leverage the Provance ITSM knowledge management capability to produce structured articles.
  • How to capitalize on the Provance ITSM forum, letting agents and end users collaborate to create organically driven issue resolution and knowledge.

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