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Cloud Service Management for Azure

Gain visibility and manage cloud resources with Provance ITSM. 

Are you experiencing increased customer service expectations to resolve issues faster? Are you expected to manage a staggering number of Cloud subscriptions that are all over the map? Do you have to justify Cloud resource usage and keep costs low? Whether you have a Cloud or hybrid environment, Cloud-configured resources have a more flexible lifetime and change fast, requiring a new way to manage them efficiently and cost-effectively.   

Provance ITSM—powered by Dynamics 365—provides Cloud Service Management for Azure, giving you increased visibility and management capabilities of your Azure Cloud Resources.


Key Benefits

Accelerate Ticket Resolution

Respond quickly, accurately and cost-effectively to issues by allowing the Service Desk to see cloud-based Virtual Machines in the CMDB. Let the Service Desk start, stop and restart Virtual Machines or immediately answer status and configuration questions about specific Virtual Machines in the context of what service they are supporting. This frees up your more senior tier 2 & 3 resources to focus on more complex tasks rather than rudimentary activities. 

Simplify Azure Management

Synchronize tenants, subscriptions, and resource groups, centralizing management of Azure Services within Provance ITSM, reducing the risk of misconfigured security and uncontrolled access, which can lead to uncontrolled deployments and unexpected costs. This also enables you to associate Cloud resources to customers or departments. 

Decrease Effort for CMDB Maintenance

Keep Cloud subscription information, virtual machine information, diagnostic information and Configuration Items in sync between Azure and your CMDB—reducing the need for manual maintenance 

Secure Cloud Operations

Control Service Desk access to Cloud subscriptions by utilizing the Provance ITSM security layer, which allows the Service Desk visibility into Azure but not the ability to manage or change complex security configurations. Plus, you can also choose what Virtual Machines, resource groups and resource tags to expose.  

Leverage the Azure Service Map for Change Requests

View your servers within Provance ITSM as they actually are—interconnected systems that deliver services. Service Map discovers, monitors and groups computers to services. Provance ITSM shows the affected services directly, making it simpler to assess the impact of planned changes.

Take Advantage of the Cloud Management Toolbox

Place much needed information at the fingertips of the IT services team by adding PowerShell Modules to easily obtain information from monitoring systems, cloud services, on-premise machines and any other data source that resides in the vast PowerShell ecosystem.   

Cloud Service Management for Azure Capabilities

Auto-populated CMDB

Cloud resources from Azure automatically appear in your CMDB.

Consolidated View of Azure Subscription Schema

Azure Subscriptions and Resource Groups are synched and visible inside Provance ITSM. 

Real-time Online Diagnostics and Configuration Management

Provance ITSM queries the configuration and actual status of Configuration Items in the Cloud, on-demand. 

Automatic Synchronization of Services

Azure Service Maps’ Service Map Machine Group Members are visible within Provance ITSM, showing the affected machines of that service directly. Plus, we provide the direct link to the service maps to assist with root cause analysis.

Eliminate Redundant Resources

Provance ITSM can perceive that a resource you were testing is no longer being used and delete the resource avoiding unnecessary consumption charges. 


The Cloud Service Management Toolbox allows you to integrate your on-premise or Cloud-based services with Provance ITSM via the use of PowerShell Modules, giving you an unlimited range of integration capabilities. Read, create or update Provance ITSM entities with external entities and data. Create incidents, for example, from your third-party monitoring system or notifications and warnings from an Office 365 service, providing a single management view for all your services and supporting infrastructure.

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