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Whitepapers: Solution Snapshot – A Review of ServiceTeam ITSM

Download this in-depth review of ServiceTeam® ITSM conducted by, an independent ITSM industry analyst firm.

Whitepapers: ITSM & ITAM A Powerful and Essential Combination

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, ServiceTeam ITSM and ServiceTeam ITAM are both native to the Microsoft ecosystem and infused with the same digital DNA as the Microsoft platforms, products and processes that drive many organizations’ success.

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Whitepapers: The Case for IT Asset Management in a Crisis

No one can predict the future and when a crisis may strike. Effective IT Asset Management (ITAM) tools and processes can help you manage and mitigate impacts and ensure business continuity. Learn how effective asset management can help.

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Whitepapers: How ITSM Tools Support Digital Transformation in IT and IT Services

Understand the connection between ITSM and digital transformation. Find out what’s involved and get advice on how to digitally transform your ITSM capabilities before using them to support the new and improved IT services.

Modern Service Management Solutions for Defense Agencies

Whitepapers: Modern Service Management Solutions for Defense Agencies

In this whitepaper, John Clark, Cross-Domain Solution Architect at Microsoft, explores the concept of Modern Service Management as applied to Defense Agencies.


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