Provance ® IT Asset Management for Microsoft ® System Center

Capabilities of Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center


Provance ® IT Asset Management for Microsoft ® System Center includes a robust set of capabilities. Click on each to learn more.

Native to Microsoft System Center 2012

Provance IT Asset Management is a process management pack that runs natively on the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform, within Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016.

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IT Asset Life Cycle Management

Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center enables you to proactively plan and effectively manage the costs associated with your IT assets and the services they support. Provance IT Asset Management gives you the insight into both active and inactive assets that you’ll need to support effective financial analysis, budgeting and operational planning. With visibility and control of your assets throughout the entire life cycle – from request to decommissioning – you’ll optimize asset use, reduce costs and guarantee your enterprise gets full value from your investments in technology.

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Software Asset Management (SAM)

Provance IT Asset Management extends Microsoft System Center to provide Software Asset Management and license compliance. Complete visibility into your license entitlement and software deployment means you’ll always know your current license position – title by title, and version by version. The ability to allocate and assign software and track both authorized and unauthorized titles will guarantee you maintain a secure software environment and adherence to your corporate standards and policies. A clear view into how all of your licenses and software purchases relate to your agreements ensures you’ll effectively control costs and optimize the value of your support and maintenance contracts. Fully aligned to the ITIL ® and MOF IT Service Management frameworks, Provance IT Asset Management supports your implementation of best practice methodologies and standards for IT Service Management and Software Asset Management, including ISO/IEC 19770 and the Microsoft SAM Optimization Model.

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Integrated IT Service and IT Asset Management Processes

Individually, IT Service Management and IT Asset Management each deliver significant value to the enterprise; however, even greater benefit is realized by combining the information and activities of the programs.

Contract and Lease Management

One of your greatest IT challenges is to effectively collaborate with many third-parties outside the control of your company – suppliers, leasing companies, rental agencies, software publishers, hardware manufacturers, cloud service providers, equipment repair service providers and many others – in order to minimize costs and maximize responsiveness.

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Process Management

The Provance IT Asset Management Pack for Microsoft System Center 2012 is readily configured to support your existing processes for Software Asset Management, IT Asset Management and IT Service Management exactly as you’ve defined them. Unlike other tools, you won’t be forced to fit your processes to the technology. User input is brokered through the self-service portal or System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager (SCSM) console to ensure requests are properly submitted and captured. Service Request and Change Request templates make sure the appropriate activities are performed in correct sequence. Forms and wizards for performing IT Asset Management tasks maintain accuracy and preserve data integrity, and the ability to automate activities with workflow eliminates human error and lets you maintain strict adherence to process. By letting you implement and execute your programs and processes exactly the way you’ve defined them, the Provance IT Asset Management Pack helps you align to best practice frameworks like ITIL and MOF, conform to standards such as ISO and CoBIT, and ultimately optimize operational efficiency while mitigating risk.

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Dashboards and Reports

Microsoft System Center enables informed and cost-effective decision making through its data warehouse, and uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to format and deliver relevant information where needed across the entire enterprise. The Provance IT Asset Management Pack populates the System Center 2012 / 2016 data warehouse with IT asset management and software asset management data to support your reporting and analysis requirements. In addition to the provided dashboards and reports for hardware asset management, software asset management and contract management, you can create your own reports for consumption within the Service Manager Console or distribution through Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint. The flexibility in reporting also allows IT professionals to customize reports so that management can actively review performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Administration and Configuration

Let’s face it. Few companies are able to implement software “out of the box” to fully support their IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management (SAM), License Compliance and IT Service Delivery programs. Every business has unique processes, organizational structures, industry practices, regulatory requirements and other special needs. Furthermore, people with different roles in the organization require different levels of access and permissions.

The Provance IT Asset Management Pack takes full advantage of the tremendous extensibility and flexibility of the Microsoft System Center platform. The ability for users and administrators to easily modify the solution through simple configuration or by using visual tools means that you can extensively customize without coding. The Provance IT Asset Management Pack lets you tailor your solution to meet all but the most extreme requirements without software programmers and custom development.

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Data Management

The success of your IT Asset Management program is heavily dependent on effective data management: The ability to get data in, manipulate large quantities of data, and get data out. The Provance IT Asset Management Pack and Microsoft System Center provide data management capabilities that ensure your IT business processes are supported with accurate, timely and consistent information. The solution lets you easily connect to a variety of sources to import data, reliably maintain your data in an ITIL-compliant CMDB (configuration management database) and extract selected data for viewing and distribution.

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Provance has helped us by bringing some order to the chaos that is our inventory system for both physical and software assets.

Patrick Wirtz, Innovation Manager
The Walsh Group