Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center

The following section and pages will provide you with all the details regarding the capabilities of the Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center

Did You Know?

Provance holds the gold Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) and silver Volume Licensing competency certifications.

Administration and Configuration

Let’s face it. Few companies are able to implement software “out of the box” to fully support their IT Asset Management (ITAM), Software Asset Management (SAM), License Compliance and IT Service Delivery programs. Every business has unique processes, organizational structures, industry practices, regulatory requirements and other special needs. Furthermore, people with different roles in the organization require different levels of access and permissions.

Provance IT Asset Management takes full advantage of the tremendous extensibility and flexibility of the Microsoft System Center platform. The ability for users and administrators to easily modify the solution through simple configuration or by using visual tools means that you can extensively customize without coding. Provance IT Asset Management lets you tailor your solution to meet all but the most extreme requirements without software programmers and custom development.

Easily Make, Package and Deploy Modifications

Process management packs are the primary mechanism for making and saving changes to your Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 configuration. Process management packs make it easy for you to create, test, export and deploy desired modifications.

A “process management pack” is a group of classes, workflows, views, forms, reports, and knowledge articles that extend System Center 2012 / 2016- Service Manager (SCSM) with the information and additional functionality you need to implement all or part of an IT management process. Just like the process management packs that Microsoft provides for Incident, Problem, Change, Release and Request Management, Provance IT Asset Management extends the functional capability of Service Manager. The only difference is that the Provance process management pack is provided by a third party software developer.

Simple to Configure and Manage

The vast majority of modifications you’ll want to make to Provance IT Asset Management are easily made in the Service Manager Library pane. Using forms and wizards it’s simple to make changes to list options, set up groups and queues, save custom views of data and create forms and tasks. You’ll be amazed at how extensively and rapidly you can tune Provance IT Asset Management to your exact specifications.

You’ll find tasks that help you configure and manage Provance IT Asset Management in the Service Manager Administration pane. Your Administrator has precise control over user roles and access, system settings and behavior, and interactions with your larger IT environment.

Advanced Modifications without Coding

The Authoring Tool for System Center 2012  / 2016 - Service Manager is a tool for customizing and extending the built-in functionality of System Center - Service Manager. Powered by Visual Studio, the Authoring Tool features a graphical interface and a library of controls that let you modify existing process management packs and create new management packs without writing a single line of software code. With the Authoring Tool you can quickly and easily define extensions to Provance IT Asset Management to track additional asset information, change the way information is presented in existing forms, create new forms, and author workflows to automate IT asset management tasks and activities.

For Extreme Needs

The Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 – Service Manager SDK gives you all the tools you need to develop entire software applications using the System Center platform. The SDK provides documentation, code examples and assemblies that you can use to create or customize applications that interact with Provance IT Asset Management. The System Center – Service Manager SDK makes it possible to engineer modifications that will accommodate even the most exotic and highly complex requirements.

Expert Assistance

Provance has partners located all over the world with deep expertise in both Provance IT Asset Management and Microsoft System Center. Contact a Provance partner in your region for help and guidance with the configuration, deployment and use of Provance IT Asset Management.


Provance IT Asset Management complements and completes Microsoft System Center, giving us a single platform to manage our entire Grant Thornton France infrastructure.

Bruno de Lattre, Chief Information Officer 
Grant Thornton France

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