Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center

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Did You Know?

Provance has been delivering world class IT Asset Management solutions since 1997 to enterprises and government organizations of all sizes.

Contract and Lease Management

Provance IT Asset Management provides you with the comprehensive overview of contractual relationships with external companies you need to efficiently manage the associated financial commitments.

Comprehensive Asset Ownership Management Using Leasing, Rental and Service Agreements

Provance IT Asset Management provides you with the ability to effectively track and manage the contracts associated with your assets. By proactively monitoring your contract commitments and meeting contracted dates for returns and expirations, you’ll optimize asset deployment and avoid late return penalties.

Comprehensive History Tracking for Assets under Lease

Provance IT Asset Management provides comprehensive change management and history tracking that lets you recover or receive credit for hardware and software you add to the asset, and keep track of credit owing to service providers for any equipment upgrades they made during the lease or rental period. Provance IT Asset Management ensures you maximize leasing credits and avoid the cost of lease overruns.

Hardware and Software Maintenance Agreement and Contract Management

Provance IT Asset Management allows you to derive maximum value from maintenance agreements and make informed contract renewals. With a centralized information repository, Provance IT Asset Management lets you provide decision support to key stakeholders – users, managers, field technicians and the service desk. Important details related to hardware or software maintenance contracts are tracked – such as maintenance period, terms and conditions, supplier contacts and contact details, and support coverage – letting you rapidly identify any variances from your baseline. Automated notifications provide you with reminders of contract milestones and end dates, and integration with IT service delivery processes enable service desk personnel to quickly and easily determine the required scope of restoration for failed equipment. With Provance IT Asset Management you will financially benefit both from improved productivity and the effective planning of your refresh and replenishment activities.

Warranty Management

Provance IT Asset Management lets your asset managers, service delivery personnel and field technicians view warranty information associated with single or grouped assets and receive automatic reminders of warranty end dates. With immediate access to up-to-date information, Provance IT Asset Management ensures you take full advantage of ongoing warranties to avoid unnecessary repair and replacement costs, and plan effectively for warranty expiration.

Provance has helped us by bringing some order to the chaos that is our inventory system for both physical and software assets.

Patrick Wirtz, Innovation Manager
The Walsh Group

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