Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center

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Did You Know?

Provance has been delivering world class IT Asset Management solutions since 1997 to enterprises and government organizations of all sizes.

Dashboards and Reports

Microsoft System Center enables informed and cost-effective decision making through its data warehouse, and uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to format and deliver relevant information where needed across the entire enterprise. Provance IT Asset Management populates the System Center 2012 / 2016 data warehouse with IT asset management and software asset management data to support your reporting and analysis requirements. In addition to the provided dashboards and reports for hardware asset management, software asset management and contract management, you can create your own reports for consumption within the Service Manager Console or distribution through Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint. The flexibility in reporting also allows IT professionals to customize reports so that management can actively review performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

With Provance IT Asset Management you’ll always get the right information to the right people in the right way at precisely the right time.

Most of What You Need Right Out of the Box

Provance IT Asset Management ships with prebuilt dashboards and reports that deliver a wealth of information and knowledge. Rapid and effective decision making is supported right out of the box with views of data that answer the most critical and commonly asked questions about your hardware and software assets and contracts, such as: “Where are my assets deployed?” “How much am I spending on my assets, by manufacturer and supplier?” “When do my leases and warranties expire?” and “Am I fully compliant with my software licenses?” Dashboards and visual indicators in reports give you instant insight that immediately focuses your attention on urgent priorities. From summary dashboards, you can drill through to detailed reports, where you can specify your own filter and sort criteria to zero in on critical information. You can either use these reports as is, or as templates to build your own. Furthermore, in addition to the reports provided with Provance IT Asset Management, you also have access to detail about incident, problem, change, configuration and activity management with the Microsoft System Center - Service Manager (SCSM) reports. You can even add the reports provided with Microsoft System Center  -  Configuration Manager (SCCM), Operations Manager (SCOM) and any SQL Server Reporting Services server.


In addition to the dashboards and reports that are already provided with Provance IT Asset Management, you can quickly and easily create your own comprehensive, richly formatted reports. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services gives you an almost infinite number of options to format reports in the way that makes most sense for your particular needs and audiences. You can choose the most effective means of presenting information, whether it’s tabular or crosstab reports, or rich graphic visualization of data using mapping, gauges and charts. A vast array of colors, styles and formatting let you craft reports that are both highly effective and aesthetically appealing. Familiar Microsoft Visual Studio-based report development tools have intuitive design interfaces and wizards that make it simple for you to quickly build reporting solutions. Using semantic report models from SQL Server Relational and Analysis Services databases in the Service Manager data warehouse, reports can be easily built without requiring a deep technical understanding of the underlying data structures.


The Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services platform used by Provance IT Asset Management and Microsoft System Center gives you powerful control and administration of your reporting environment with a variety of manageability tools. You can use the Reporting Services role-based security model to secure access to reports, folders, resources and shared data sources. The web-based Report Manager lets you schedule report execution, manage report subscriptions and control access from the convenience of your browser. Reporting Services integrates with Microsoft Office SharePoint Technologies to give you central manageability of reports in a familiar Office environment, and Reporting Services Configuration Manager provides you with administrative control of your configurations and system settings.


The performance and flexibility of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services lets you deliver information from Provance IT Asset Management through a variety of different mechanisms and in a wide range of formats. You have the option of accessing reports from within the System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager (SCSM) Console, distributing information through Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint, and embedding reports in other portals and business applications. Reports can be rendered in HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, TIFF, and Microsoft Office Word and Excel, allowing you reach users across your organization with reports in the format that makes the most sense for them. You can use subscriptions to automatically have reports delivered at a specific time through e-mail or posted to a shared folder on your network. Provance IT Asset Management takes advantage of the high performance and scalability of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to support large scale delivery and rapid report rendering, even in the biggest enterprises.

A complete and out-of-the-box IT Asset Management solution for System Center. Provance is exactly what we were looking for.

Nenad Lazaroj, IT Services Coordinator 

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