Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center

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Integrated IT Service and IT Asset Management Processes

Individually, IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) each deliver significant value to the enterprise; however, even greater benefit is realized by combining the information and activities of the programs. Provance IT Asset Management and Microsoft System Center uniquely combine the two processes together in a single solution to deliver more efficient and cost effective IT management.

Making supplemental cost, contract and organizational detail from Provance IT Asset Management available to analysts using the Microsoft System Center - Service Manager (SCSM) console speeds incident resolution and fulfilment of change requests. Access to the information maintained in Provance IT Asset Management can improve key IT Service Desk efficiency metrics like MTTR (mean time to resolution), volume of calls processed, number of calls closed per analyst and customer satisfaction.

In addition to achieving greater efficiencies, access to IT Asset Management information also fosters more cost-effective IT Service Management decisions. Knowledge of hardware warranty coverage, support contracts, leasing agreements, unused inventory and replacement schedules enable front line IT staff to quickly determine which option not only meets the operational requirement, but will do so at the lowest possible cost.

Conversely, the IT Service Desk is an important check point to capture and validate IT Asset Management information. Details that are captured in the course of Incident and Change Management, such as user, location and system configuration, are maintained in a single, common CMDB shared by both Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager and Provance IT Asset Management. Your IT Asset Management program is always supported with timely and accurate data.


Before using Provance we were constantly going back and cross referencing systems to figure out what we had and when we bought it. Makes work a lot easier!

Patrick Wirtz, Innovation Manager
The Walsh Group

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