Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center

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Did You Know?

Provance has been delivering world class IT Asset Management solutions since 1997 to enterprises and government organizations of all sizes.

IT Asset Life Cycle Management

Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center enables you to proactively plan and effectively manage the costs associated with your IT assets and the services they support. Provance IT Asset Management gives you the insight into both active and inactive assets that you’ll need to support effective financial analysis, budgeting and operational planning. With visibility and control of your assets throughout the entire life cycle – from request to decommissioning – you’ll optimize asset use, reduce costs and guarantee your enterprise gets full value from your investments in technology.

Centralized Asset Tracking

Regardless of how widely your assets are dispersed – whether throughout the building, around the city, across the country or spanning the globe – Provance IT Asset Management tracks and maintains comprehensive details about all your assets within the same CMDB shared by the Microsoft System Center components. Intuitive tree views give you rapid understanding of how assets are used and distributed based on your organization, cost center and location hierarchies. Provance IT Asset Management provides a common and complete view to all your stakeholders. With everyone on the same page, you’ll synchronize and consolidate decision making across your enterprise to minimize surplus inventory, avoid unnecessary purchases and take full advantage of economies of scale. Provance IT Asset Management gives you centralized management of all assets – throughout the complete life cycle and across the entire organization – to universally optimize asset use and minimize costs.

Move/Add/Change (MAC) Management

Provance IT Asset Management lets you quickly and accurately perform asset moves, adds and changes that would otherwise require significant effort and the use of several unrelated systems. Templates allow you to define the steps for each process, and simple wizards guide you through proper and consistent execution of each task. Task automation using workflow, PowerShell and System Center – Orchestrator further eliminates human error and reduces manual effort for frequently repeated or complex asset activities. Out of the box connectors with the Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 components, process integration using Orchestrator and data import using Provance Data Management mean your life cycle information is always complete, up to date and synchronized with your IT service delivery and finance processes. Provance IT Asset Management reduces the time and effort of reconciling inventories and tracking and auditing MAC histories, allowing you to stay on top of the location and status of all of your assets, optimize asset use and improve productivity.

Surplus and Disposal Management

The need to manage an IT asset doesn’t end when it’s no longer in active use. Management of inactive surplus inventory and proper disposal of assets at the end of their useful life is critical for cost recovery, security, and to meet regulatory and financial requirements. Provance IT Asset Management lets you reallocate or resell surplus assets, recover software licenses, and terminate maintenance, support and insurance contracts on disposed assets to maximize cost recovery. Asset history tracking ensures you meet regulatory auditing requirements and maintain information important for financial reporting and tax purposes. Provance IT Asset Management tracks asset disposal certificates and supplier contracts to maintain integrity and safety. With Provance IT Asset Management you’ll greatly reduce the effort, risk and costs associated with surplus and disposed assets.

Repair Management

When taken out of active status and physically removed from your premises for repair by a third party beyond your control, assets become extremely difficult to track and manage. Provance IT Asset Management supports tracking of assets on repair. Integration with your IT Service Management processes and the System Center 2012 / 2016- Service Manager (SCSM) CMDB mean that incident, problem and change details, as well as associated work items, are all accessible from your hardware asset records. Cost Events allow you to maintain an itemized record of service related expenditures incurred for each asset, including maintenance, repairs and upgrades. The history of asset incidents, problems and repairs maintained in Provance IT Asset Management lets you better plan and negotiate future purchasing and maintenance contracts. With Provance IT Asset Management, you’ll eliminate costs due to lost productivity and unnecessary down time for repairs.

Detailed Hardware and Software Asset Tracking

Provance IT Asset Management works with both your IT and business systems to bring together isolated silos of operational and financial information into a unified actionable view. Integration with Active Directory, Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 - Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Orchestrator and Virtual Machine Manager, and Provance Data Management, lets you easily import and associate detailed hardware and software configuration data with business data from your ERP, finance, procurement, invoicing and human resource systems. Provance IT Asset Management brings together and reconciles asset detail from multiple sources – auto discovery solutions, business systems, manual entry, CSV or flat files, spreadsheets and databases – and provides you with a single, consolidated source of data for analysis and reporting. Process integration lets you expose this unified asset detail directly within Service Manager to support and improve incident, problem, change, configuration, release and request management.

Asset Cost Tracking

Get the full picture when it comes to the true life cycle costs of an asset. By tracking costs related to purchases, repairs and support against individual assets or maintenance contracts, Provance IT Asset Management lets you take more cost effective decisions about asset use, negotiate more favorable terms with vendors and improve budget management and forecasting.

This year we used Provance to manage our refresh cycles. We were able to accurately report on hardware reliability based on incidents, and identified 100 computers whose life could be extended another year by renewing support contracts at a cost of $150 each. Compared to a replacement cost of $1,800 that alone gave us $165,000 in savings.

Alice Tewksbury, Director of IT
First Wind

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