Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center

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Did You Know?

In 2010 Provance pioneered the development of process management packs for Microsoft System Center, introducing the first third-party management pack for Microsoft System Center Service Manager.

Native to Microsoft System Center

Supporting both your IT Service Delivery and IT Asset Management programs with a single solution delivered on a common, shared architecture provides you with both business and technology benefits. Process integration yields tremendous synergies that deliver significant business value. The common, highly extensible platform that Provance IT Asset Management shares with Microsoft System Center eliminates the need to manage disparate technologies, provides a consistent user experience, and simplifies configuration and administration. Furthermore, you may already be eligible to use System Center products at no additional cost under your current Microsoft licensing.

With Provance IT Asset Management and Microsoft System Center you get the best of both worlds: The deep Provance domain expertise in IT Asset Management, delivered on the powerful and extensible Microsoft Server and Cloud technology platform.


Combining IT Service Management and IT Asset Management Processes


As separate disciplines, IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) each provide significant value. Provance IT Asset Management and Microsoft System Center - Service Manager (SCSM) uniquely combine these disciplines together to deliver even greater value and organizational impact. For example, making supplemental cost, contract and organizational detail from the IT Asset Management program available to the IT Service Desk lets you speed incident resolution and fulfilment of change requests. Knowledge of hardware warranty coverage, support contracts, leasing agreements, unused inventory and replacement schedules enables your front line IT staff to quickly determine which option not only meets the operational requirement, but will do so at the lowest possible cost to your enterprise. 

Conversely, Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center fully integrates your IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management processes with Incident, Change and Request Management. You can immediately submit Incidents, Change Requests or Service Requests to perform asset activities and assign work items, such as processing requests for new hardware or software, having newly received computers imaged and installed, or removing installations of unapproved software applications. Not only are you able to immediately take action to proactively manage your assets, you do so in an ITIL-compliant manner right from within IT Service Management. Provance IT Asset Management and Microsoft System Center let you realize enormous synergy and economies of scale by combining and consolidating IT Service Management and IT Asset Management processes within a single application.

The Power of the Microsoft System Center Platform


Microsoft System Center - Service Manager is not just an application to support IT Service Management. It is a highly extensible technology platform that also supports the development of third party applications. Application plug-ins called Process Management Packs extend System Center with the information and additional functionality necessary to implement all or part of an IT management process. Just like the process management packs for Incident, Problem, Change, Release and Request Management that Microsoft provides,Provance IT Asset Management extends the functional capability of System Center.

That means Provance IT Asset Management actually runs natively within Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager to provide Software Asset Management and IT Asset Management. A single, shared architecture means you avoid all the hassles associated with managing multiple technologies, establishing and maintaining integration between different systems, and synchronizing data between disparate repositories. You can be confident that the Microsoft System Center products and platform will not only optimally interoperate with each other from version to version, but also with Microsoft operating system, database, server and desktop applications.


Use Existing Products

Provance IT Asset Management takes advantage of the built-in Microsoft System Center 2012 data connectors to Microsoft Active Directory®, and System Center 2012 / 2016 - Configuration Manager (SCCM), Operations Manager (SCOM), Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) and Orchestrator. A simple wizard driven process lets you quickly and easily create connectors and populate the System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager (SCSMCMDB with a ready-made data foundation for Provance IT Asset Management. Leveraging your existing deployment of Active Directory, Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager  and/or Orchestrator significantly speeds your implementation, minimizes time to result, and eliminates the risk and effort associated with system integrations.

Use Existing Licenses

The use of Microsoft System Center to manage desktops and servers is provided under different Microsoft Volume License Agreements and license suites. Even if you are not currently using the software, your company may already be licensed to use Microsoft System Center. If not, you may find that an inexpensive “step up” license will unlock greatly increased value and capability. Either case represents a highly cost effective means of adopting the powerful Microsoft System Center platform for IT management. Check your current agreements to see if you’re able to eliminate spending on redundant applications that provide the same functionality you’ve already licensed, or can license much less expensively, with Microsoft System Center.

Consistent User Experience

Because Provance IT Asset Management runs within the Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager Console, it provides your users with a consistent and predictable experience. System Center uses the same three pane interface that is common to all the System Center components, as well as most other Microsoft products. The same elements are located in the same place and function in the same way. This significantly lessens the amount of training required and establishes a seamless transition between IT Service Management and IT Asset Management activities and roles. Furthermore, Provance IT Asset Management shares System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager User administration, so you have just one security environment for managing user roles and permissions.

Customization without Coding

The same extensibility and flexibility of the Microsoft System Center platform that allows Provance IT Asset Management to provide added functionality also gives you the power to easily make your own modifications and customizations. Many modifications can be achieved with simple configuration settings. The Authoring Tool for System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager lets you make more extensive modifications without writing a single line of software code. Because the platform is built with familiar Microsoft technologies and products, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Workflow Foundation and .NET, there is abundant expertise available to create reports, author workflows and build programmatic interfaces.


A complete and out-of-the-box IT Asset Management solution for System Center. Provance is exactly what we were looking for.

Nenad Lazaroj, IT Services Coordinator 

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