Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center

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Provance has been delivering world class IT Asset Management solutions since 1997 to enterprises and government organizations of all sizes.

Process Management

Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center is readily configured to support your existing processes for Software Asset Management, IT Asset Management and IT Service Management exactly as you've defined them. Unlike other tools, you won’t be forced to fit your processes to the technology. User input is brokered through the self-service portal or System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager console to ensure requests are properly submitted and captured. Service Request and Change Request templates make sure the appropriate activities are performed in correct sequence. Forms and wizards for performing IT Asset Management tasks maintain accuracy and preserve data integrity, and the ability to automate activities with workflow eliminates human error and lets you maintain strict adherence to process. By letting you implement and execute your programs and processes exactly the way you’ve defined them, Provance IT Asset Management helps you align to best practice frameworks like ITIL and MOF, conform to standards such as ISO and CoBIT, and ultimately optimize operational efficiency while mitigating risk.

Self-Service Requests and Automated Software Installation

A self-service portal provides your users with access to a Web interface that gives them the ability to easily request hardware and software assets from their browser. The self-service portal is implemented and deployed with Microsoft Office SharePoint.  Provance IT Asset Management lets you define the software request offerings presented in the Service Manager Service Catalog based on your software title catalog. Templates allow you to define the request management processes to handle steps like reviewing agreement and support terms, verifying entitlement and checking inventory. For software requests, after all the approval processes are completed successfully, the requested application can be automatically installed by Microsoft System Center - Configuration Manager (SCCM) on the requestor’s computer. You can define multiple asset deployment processes for your company to manage various software titles and suites and to apply different approval and implementation processes. 

Structure Process Activities with Templates

You can quickly and easily define and sequence all the activities that support your IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) processes in Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager (SCSM) using Service and Change Request templates. You can set up Review Activities for processes that require financial, technical or organizational approval, like new hardware and software requests. Approving managers can either vote their acceptance for Review Activities through the Service Manager console, the Web-based self-service portal (see above) or e-mail. Manual Activities specify actions to be completed, such as checking inventory or verifying license entitlement, and assign Work Items to the individuals or groups responsible for their completion. System-based activities can be fully automated with Custom Activities supported by PowerShell scripts, Service Manager workflows and Orchestrator runbooks. IT asset management and software asset management activities, such as IMACD (install/move/add/change/dispose) are completed using the views, reports, and form- and wizard driven tasks provided by Provance IT Asset Management, all within the same, common console. Activity Management views give you full visibility into step-by-step progress for each request, from start to finish, and lets you know which steps have been completed, which are in progress, which have been cancelled or failed, and which remain unassigned.

Automate Contract Expiry Alerts and Reminders

With Provance IT Asset Management you can inform a list of e-mail recipients, both inside and outside your company, before a contract reaches a milestone date, expires or comes up for renewal. Contract notifications let you more effectively manage and govern the contractual commitments between you and your suppliers for software agreements and licenses, maintenance, support, leases, warranties and disposal. The notification template determines the type and format of the message, as well as when and how often it will be sent to the subscribers. Notifications alerting you to the pending expiry of agreements and contracts will allow you to properly prepare for true ups, renewals and renegotiation. You’ll be able to more effectively plan for hardware replacement and software upgrades, avoid costly lease overruns, and optimize your use of maintenance, service, warranty and support vehicles.

Process Automation with Workflows and Scripts

Provance IT Asset Management lets you use the System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager workflow engine based on Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) to automate many software asset management and IT asset management processes. For frequent and routine activities, tasks and data manipulations that would otherwise require human effort, workflows or PowerShell scripts can be used to fully automate changes based on your predefined business rules. You can create a WF workflow to perform functions such as always associating new computers with the manufacturer’s standard warranty, automatically allocating software licenses to the cost center that purchased them, or running a script. You can assemble WF activities into a workflow that performs a set of tasks, and specify the conditions under which the workflow runs. The Authoring Tool for System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager lets you quickly and easily construct workflows for use with Provance IT Asset Management without having to write software code. The Authoring Tool includes a library of workflow activities that incorporate Windows PowerShell scripts, VBScript scripts, or command-line scripts into workflows.

Process Orchestration and Runbook Automation (Orchestrator)

While Microsoft System Center - Service Manager workflow provides automation of human tasks, System Center - Orchestrator automates IT infrastructure tasks. Orchestrator is an automation platform for orchestrating and integrating IT tools to drive down the cost of datacenter operations, while improving the reliability of IT processes. It enables IT organizations to automate best practices, such as those found in ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF). This is achieved through workflow processes that coordinate System Center and other management tools to automate incident response, change and compliance, and service-lifecycle management processes. Through its workflow designer, Orchestrator automatically shares data and initiates tasks in System Center - Service Manager, Operations Manager, Configuration Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Active Directory and 3rd party tools. The combined offering ensures repeatable, consistent results by removing the latency associated with manual coordination service delivery.

Before using Provance we were constantly going back and cross referencing systems to figure out what we had and when we bought it. Makes work a lot easier!

Patrick Wirtz, Innovation Manager
The Walsh Group

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