Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center

The following section will provide you with all the details regarding Provance IT Asset Management for Microsoft System Center, including overview, capabilities, benefits and free trial information. 

Software Asset Management

Provance IT Asset Management extends Microsoft System Center to provide Software Asset Management (SAM) and license compliance. Complete visibility into your license entitlement and software deployment means you’ll always know your current license position – title by title, and version by version. The ability to allocate and assign software and track both authorized and unauthorized titles will guarantee you maintain a secure software environment and adherence to your corporate standards and policies. A clear view into how all of your licenses and software purchases relate to your agreements ensures you’ll effectively control costs and optimize the value of your support and maintenance contracts. Fully aligned to the ITIL and MOF IT Service Management frameworks, Provance IT Asset Management supports your implementation of best practice methodologies and standards for IT Service Management and Software Asset Management, including ISO/IEC 19770 and the Microsoft SAM Optimization Model.




Always Know Your Current License Position

Comparing your license entitlement with the actual inventory of installed software immediately identifies overspending on unused software and shows you under licensed titles that pose compliance risks. Provance IT Asset Management calculates your software license entitlement based on purchase records – the only truly definitive source for proof of license ownership. With a knowledge base of nearly half a million applications, Microsoft System Center - Configuration Manager (SCCM) performs identification and categorization of software installed across both physical and virtual environments to give you a clear, complete and accurate view of software in use. Provance IT Asset Management provides you with powerful visual cues in views and reports that instantly focus your attention on the software titles you’re tracking that require corrective action. You can immediately take steps to balance compliance by purchasing additional licenses or harvesting unused software, or reduce costs by eliminating surplus licenses and support coverage. Provance IT Asset Management ensures there will never be any surprises when it comes time for true-ups, agreement renewals and software audits.

Self-Service Requests and Automated Software Installation

Provance IT Asset Management and Microsoft System Center - Service Manager (SCSM) make it easy and convenient for your users to request software from their web browser. The self-service portal can be implemented using your existing Microsoft Office SharePoint environment. Provance IT Asset Management lets you define the service offerings in the Service Manager Service Catalog based on your hardware and software title catalogs. Templates allow you to define the request management processes to handle asset requests initiated from the self-service portal and use Provance IT Asset Management perform process steps like reviewing agreement and support terms, verifying entitlement and checking inventory. In the case of software requests, after all the approval processes are completed successfully, the requested application can be automatically installed by Microsoft System Center  - Configuration Manager (SCCM) on the requestor’s computer. You can define multiple software deployment processes for your company to manage various software titles and suites, and to apply different approval and implementation processes.

Effectively Manage Software Agreements and Support Contracts

In addition to knowing your license position, it’s important to effectively manage your software costs and contracts. Taking advantage of consolidated purchasing through volume license agreements, intelligent use of software support and maintenance, and good supplier management deliver significant cost savings and productivity improvement. Provance IT Asset Management lets you keep track of not just the software titles you have licensed and installed, but also of all your software purchases, agreements, and contracts for support and maintenance. You’ll have complete visibility into which software is associated with different volume, OEM and retail licensing programs, the terms and conditions of your agreements, support and maintenance coverage for your software, and detailed purchasing and supplier information. Notifications alert you to key milestones and pending expiry of agreements and contracts, allowing you to properly prepare for true ups, renewals and renegotiation.

Purchase Globally, Manage Locally

For geographically disperse enterprises, Provance IT Asset Management makes it possible for you to decentralize the deployment and management of your licenses while centralizing purchasing to take advantage of volume discounts. You can allocate licenses for use by individual departments, subsidiaries, cost centers or locations while maintaining global visibility of the purchases and entitlements that fall under your enterprise wide software agreements.

Best Practices and Standards for SAM Optimization

ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 is the comprehensive international standard for Software Asset Management aligned to service management (ITIL). The SAM Optimization Model (SOM) is a framework developed by Microsoft to help you understand where you are and what you need to do to improve the state of your software asset management in accordance with the ISO/IEC 19770 standard. Provance IT Asset Management provides essential capabilities necessary to achieve SAM optimization and alignment with the ISO standard. By providing you with visibility and control of your licenses, software inventory, agreements and contracts, ownership and usage, Provance IT Asset Management ensures that you meet the ISO requirements and continually advance your level of maturity in all of the Microsoft SAM competencies.

Security and Control

You can be confident that only the software that should be operating in your environment is installed, that it is being used only by the people who should be using it, and that it’s only running on the computers that it should be running on. Provance IT Asset Management lets you specify which software titles are approved and not approved for deployment. Tracking “blacklisted” titles in addition to your “white listed” software allows you to identify and eliminate undesirable or dangerous applications that can pose performance, compliance and security risks. You can also assign specific software titles, licenses and license keys to individual users or hardware assets, allowing you to precisely control use of software and more effectively manage user- and device-based licenses like CALs (client access licenses). With Provance IT Asset Management, you always maintain a secure software environment and ensure adherence to your corporate standards and policies.

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Nenad Lazaroj, IT Services Coordinator