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Microsoft in collaboration with Provance extends capabilities for the Provance IT Service Management and Azure security & operations management integration.

Provance today announced the following new capabilities to the Provance IT Service Management (ITSM) integration to Microsoft Azure security & operations management (formerly known as Operations Management Suite):

  • Thresholds can be defined in Azure security & operations management to enable alerts to automatically create Provance ITSM tickets, such as Incidents, Change Requests or Problems.
  • Once Azure security & operations management alerts enter Provance ITSM as Incidents or Change Requests, they can automatically be associated to ticket templates to trigger automations, such as Azure Automations, Power Shell Scripts, Orchestrator runbooks or any other automations enabled in Provance ITSM
  • All Azure security & operations management created Provance ITSM Incidents and related Configuration Items (CIs) can be viewed within Azure security & operations management, providing administrators with greater insight and a historical record of incidents and change requests to continuously fine-tune how alerts should be treated.  

“We’ve been working with Microsoft to make it even easier for support and operations teams to work together,” said Per Mikkelsen, VP of Products and Services at Provance. “Now, we’ve made Provance ITSM to be a system of record for Azure security& operations management, giving operations easy access with tracking, right within the Azure security & operations management Log Analysis.”

The Provance ITSM integration to Azure security & operations management provides IT operations and support groups with an automated, real-time and bi-directional connection, helping IT better manage problems related to their infrastructure both in the cloud and on-premise.

“As a leading UK Managed Services Provider, we see Azure security & operations management as offering us an opportunity to differentiate our services, add value to our customers, and support our digital transformation roadmap. Provance ITSM for Dynamics 365 is already a strategic solution for Ultima and the Provance ITSM connector for Azure security & operations management gives us important added capabilities,” said Simon Waters, Managed Services Director at Ultima Business Solutions.

Provance ITSM runs natively with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and integrates with Microsoft management and productivity solutions such as Office 365®, Power BI™, Visual Studio Team Services and System Center. With Provance ITSM, organizations can strongly leverage their existing Microsoft investments to deliver even better service to their customers.

Azure security & operations management is Microsoft’s IT Operations Management (ITOM) Cloud solution that allows IT administrators to manage on-premise and cloud IT services and assets from a single console. Administrators can gain immediate insights across workloads, enable consistent control and compliance, ensure availability of apps and data, and respond faster to security threats. 


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