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Provance adds Microsoft CSP capabilities into Provance ITSM enabling administration, automation and visibility for Cloud Solution Providers.

Provance announced the addition of the ability to view and manage information from the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (Partner Center) portal within Provance IT Service Management, making it the only solution on the market to enable the management of Cloud Service Provider (CSP) business within a PinkVerify™ certified ITSM solution.

CSPs now have:

  • A 360 degree view of CSP Accounts—See all account information and subscriptions in one place for faster resolution of issues and questions, as well as the ability to see available products and addons for accurate resource management and identification of revenue opportunities. No more swivel chairing between apps!
  • 24x7 Customer Self Service — Allows customers to easily and cost-effectively administer their own subscriptions from the Provance ITSM self-service portal, including viewing license options, and requesting subscription changes via the portal. 
  • Microsoft CSP (Partner Center) portal data is available to customer service personnel, without having to rely on a few designated CSP experts.  This drives better customer satisfaction with easy access to all relevant subscription data.
  • Ability to automate CSP management and changes. Reduce manual effort, errors, and reduce time to changes, all with fewer resources, less complexity and cost.

“Currently, the process to fulfill a simple change request on a Microsoft cloud subscription, like the simple task of having to remove and add new licenses because someone has left the company, is time-consuming and error-prone,” said Per Mikkelsen, VP Products & Partner Services at Provance. “We knew there had to be a better way, so we built Cloud Service Management for Microsoft CSPs, giving IT a window into their customers’ cloud subscriptions.”

Provance ITSM is powered by Dynamics 365 and helps Microsoft customers modernize service management by leveraging their existing and future investments in the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud (Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure), enabling them to undergo a digital transformation, making service delivery more nimble, flexible, cost-effective, and exceptional.


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