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Provance IT Service Management expands Cloud Service Management for Microsoft Azure monitoring and management abilities.

Provance today announced an update to the Provance IT Service Management solution, expanding Cloud Service Management to include Azure ARM Resources, which now lets the Service Desk—in Provance IT Service Management and Microsoft Dynamics 365—view and manage nearly everything that resides within Microsoft Azure.

The Cloud Service Management for Azure capability expanded management capabilities from Azure Service Map and Azure Virtual Machines to Azure ARM Resources. This enables IT and the Service Desk to bring key information about the workloads in Azure to Dynamics 365, which allows them to more effectively and more promptly manage Cloud services and issues around their consumption. The Cloud Service Management capability pulls all known information about Azure Resources such as resource name, the kind of resource, current policy status and resource tags, into Provance IT Service Management. The timeliness, level of detail and its context helps bring clarity to the team trying to resolve customer issues.

“More visibility by the Service Desk into Azure will let them speed up ticket resolution and provide more effective diagnostics,” said Roger Labelle, Director of Product Management and Support at Provance. “And, of course, by bringing the Azure resource information into Provance ITSM, people can view and manage the information like any other data within Dynamics 365. So, for example, they can use analytics to easily see what kind of resources they have in Azure and the related services and incidents.”

The Cloud Service Management capabilities brings context to the management of Microsoft Azure resources aligned to the services they are supporting. The Azure integration includes an auto-populated CMDB, consolidated view of subscription schema, real-time diagnostics, configuration management, and automatic synchronization of services. Identifying resources and tying them to services and customers that consume them, turns data into information. It brings focus and helps to change how Azure Cloud resources are managed in the context of IT services.

Provance IT Service Management is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365® and connects all three Microsoft Intelligent Clouds (Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure), letting an organization leverage their existing and future investments in Microsoft technologies. With Provance ITSM organizations’ can take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, security and reliability of the Dynamics 365 platform.


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