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Provance Releases a New Microsoft Power App: ServiceTeam® ITAM

Provance® today announced the immediate release of ServiceTeam® ITAM, a Microsoft Power App born in the Power Platform that allows organizations to proactively manage hardware and software assets and related contracts.

"IT Asset management has never been more important than now,” said Kelly Moodie, CEO of Provance. ”Organizations can benefit from ServiceTeam ITAM to help manage assets for the new modern way of working, whether employees work from the office, the home, or somewhere in between. And in the event of a crisis like the recent pandemic, our Microsoft cloud-based, real-time, ITAM product ensures our customers can continue to support their businesses with human and asset mobilization.”

ServiceTeam ITAM lets asset teams get insight into both active and inactive assets to support effective onboarding and offboarding, crisis management, security risks, financial analysis, budgeting and operational planning. With ServiceTeam ITAM, asset teams can gain accurate and timely data, manage inventories (including discovered assets data from Microsoft InTune or other discovery tools), assign hardware and software, and standardize asset lifecycle management processes. By having visibility and control of assets throughout their entire lifecycle—from request to disposal—organizations can optimize asset use, reduce costs, mitigate crises and get the full value of their technology investments.

“Since ServiceTeam ITAM is a Power App and native to the Microsoft Power Platform, both IT and the business will benefit from consolidating applications on a single platform, reducing integrations and duplicate information. ServiceTeam ITAM goes beyond the CMDB, relying on the Microsoft Dataverse to house information, which results in, for example, richer Power BI reporting and greater asset visibility. ServiceTeam ITAM users can gain insights for more cost-effective decision-making, automate workflows to manage assets and security risks, and a whole lot more,” said Roger Labelle, Director of Product Management and Support.

Further productivity benefits can be unlocked when combining ServiceTeam ITAM with ServiceTeam ITSM. Relevant information can be shared between service desk agents and asset teams, which will result in better and more cost-effective decisions, and more efficient service for your customers.

“Provance has deep roots in ITAM,” said Moodie. “Since 2010, we’ve been providing ITAM solutions to Microsoft-centric organizations: first with Provance ITAM, native to System Center Service Manager; then with Provance ITAM, native to Dynamics 365; and now we have leveraged our expertise to bring value to Microsoft-centric customers, MSPs and Partners in the Power Platform with ServiceTeam ITAM. We believe that putting the right information, in the right hands, at the right time, is the secret to success for service and asset teams now and into the future.”

ServiceTeam ITAM is available now. Request a guided demo or free trial by contacting us at


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