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Provance Releases ITSM Service Desk App to Optimize the Support User Experience

Provance today announced the release of new capability in Provance ITSM, the ITSM Service Desk app, which will deliver an optimized user experience for Tier 1 and Tier 2 support by leveraging the Microsoft Unified Client Interface. The ITSM Service Desk app provides easy access to the most common support functions, improving efficiency and visibility of current workloads and activities.

“The Microsoft Unified Client Interface is a more responsive and robust platform to work with. It has allowed us to provide a focused app within Provance ITSM that will help Tier 1 and Tier 2 to quickly see, understand and prioritize their workload,” said Roger Labelle, Director of Product Management at Provance. “The structure of the app helps with time and problem management by putting all important information at one’s fingertips.”

The ITSM Service Desk app features:

  • An interactive single stream dashboard focused on tickets
  • The ability to filter based on variables such as ticket type, affected services or priority to change the view
  • Optimized user interface for forms and views with better visual cues
  • Custom controls with toggle switches, calendars and more
  • A Service Center with access to current workload (incidents, service requests, tickets, knowledge articles, accounts, contacts)
  • A Status Center with access to current status of services, notifications, problems and changes

The ITSM Service Desk app is the first in a series of apps to be released which will change the way our customers work.

Provance ITSM is the most Microsoft-Centric ITSM and ITAM solution on the market. To modernize, achieve a digital transformation and exceptional IT Service cost-effectively, Provance ITSM lets enterprises and government organizations leverage their existing and future investments in Microsoft technologies, including Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure, System Center, Azure DevOps and more. PinkVerify™ certified for 11 ITIL® processes, Provance ITSM lets IT utilize built-in ITIL best practices to streamline service processes. It also has extensible configuration, automation and ticket templating capabilities with no need to code.


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