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Provance releases Software Asset Management capability to help organizations have visibility into software licenses

Provance today announced that they have developed a new capability for Provance IT Service Management, Software Asset Management. Customers will now be able to track and assign software licenses within Provance IT Service Management, giving IT visibility into—and control of—their software environment.

Provance IT Service Management now allows IT to:

  • View and track all software licenses based on publisher, title, version and SKU.
  • Easily review software purchase details, activation and expiry dates.
  • Assign a license to either an asset or a contact.
  • Locate authorized versions of software media via a Definitive Media Library.

All of which lets IT maintain a secure software environment, adhere to corporate standards and policies, identify overspending on unassigned software.

“We have a vision with Provance ITSM to help the Service Desk make better decisions and reduce the time to resolve issues,” said Roger Labelle, Director of Product Management at Provance. “We’ve engineered the Software Asset Management capability to not only give visibility to Service Desk Agents into what is owned and assigned but to allow Asset Managers to make more informed and better decisions with Service Management information at their fingertips. It’s really about facilitating communications between the two teams resulting in better decision making. This is only the first phase though, next up includes tracking software installs, software compliance and the addition of software licenses to the self-service portal and service catalog.”

Provance IT Service Management is the most Microsoft-Centric ITSM and ITAM solution on the market. To modernize, achieve a digital transformation and exceptional IT Service cost-effectively, Provance IT Service Management lets enterprises and government organizations leverage their existing and future investments in Microsoft technologies, including Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure, System Center, Azure DevOps and more. PinkVerify™ certified for 11 ITIL® processes, Provance IT Service Management lets IT utilize built-in ITIL best practices to streamline service processes. It also has extensible configuration, automation and ticket templating capabilities with no need to code.


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