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Gain visibility and manage cloud resources with Provance ITSM.

Cloud Service Management for Azure Capabilities

Azure Policy Support Screenshot

Azure Policy Support

Get a centralized overview what resources and resource types are Azure policy compliant and what policies are applied.

Cloud Service Management Auto populate Screenshot

Auto-populated CMDB

Cloud resources from Azure automatically appear in your CMDB, including resource tags, resource types, geolocation and their relationship to resource groups, subscription and tenant. Get a quick overview of your cloud resources in a consolidated form for every CI.

Detecting Change Impact - Screenshot

Automatic Synchronization of Services

Azure Service Maps’ Service Map Machine Group Members are visible within Provance ITSM, showing the affected machines of that service directly. Plus, we provide the direct link to the service maps to assist with root cause analysis.

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The Cloud Service Management Toolbox allows you to integrate your on-premise or Cloud-based services with Provance ITSM via the use of PowerShell Modules, giving you an unlimited range of integration capabilities. Read, create or update Provance ITSM entities with external entities and data. Create incidents, for example, from your third-party monitoring system or notifications and warnings from an Office 365 service, providing a single management view for all your services and supporting infrastructure.

subscription-schema Screenshot

Consolidated View of Azure Subscription Schema

Azure Subscriptions and Resource Groups are synched and visible inside Provance ITSM.

Real-time diagnostics Screenshots

Real-time Online Diagnostics and Configuration Management

Provance ITSM queries the configuration and actual status of Configuration Items in the Cloud, on-demand.

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Eliminate Redundant Resources

Provance ITSM can perceive that a resource you were testing is no longer being used and delete the resource avoiding unnecessary consumption charges.

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Open Resource in Portal

While in Provance Self-Service Portal, you can directly open a resource if you have access rights.

Cloud Service Management Resource Groups Screenshot

Identify Empty Resource Groups

Keep your subscription tight by identifying empty resource groups and make it possible to clean them up.

Gain Control of Azure Resources with Cloud Service Management Webcast

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