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Success Story: Provance and VDE Services GmbH: ITSM Innovation Together

At Provance, we believe that innovation is the cornerstone of progress, and collaboration is the catalyst that propels us forward. We are thrilled to share an expansion of our partnership with VDE Services GmbH, the internal IT Service Provider for the esteemed VDE Group in Europe. This milestone not only reinforces our commitment to innovation but also highlights the value and importance of “platform” in IT Service Management (ITSM).

Cultivating a Fruitful Partnership

Our partnership with VDE Services began in 2018 and has flourished into a true collaboration that transcends the conventional customer-supplier relationship. It is a partnership built on shared goals, mutual trust, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We are excited to announce that this partnership has been expanded with a new three-year agreement, cementing our shared vision for modern ITSM underpinned by Microsoft’s Power Platform.

A Vision for Modernization and Excellence

VDE Services GmbH, a driving force in the technology realm for over a century, is synonymous with innovation and technological progress. The VDE mark represents the highest safety standards and consumer protection. With a legacy of excellence spanning more than 130 years, VDE Services is not just an organization; it is a beacon of innovation and advancement.

This partnership marks an exciting shift as VDE Services embraces our latest offering – the Microsoft Power Platform-based and Power Apps-built ServiceTeam product family. This strategic decision demonstrates their commitment to modernization and leveraging cutting-edge technology. By harnessing the capabilities of the Power Platform, VDE Services is poised to enhance ITSM and IT Asset Management (ITAM) processes, elevate operational efficiency, and provide superior service quality.

The Power of Innovation Unleashed

The Microsoft Power Platform, equipped with powerful tools such as Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, and AI Builder, is a game-changer in the ITSM landscape. By integrating these capabilities with our deep expertise in ITSM, we are paving the way for VDE Services to achieve transformative outcomes. The partnership will streamline processes, automate workflows, and usher in a new era of IT service excellence.

Kelly Moodie, our CEO, aptly describes this partnership: “A partnership based on a long-term view of relationship and success, based on shared goals and outcomes, trust, and where both parties achieve value for their respective businesses. This is how we view our partnership with VDE Services, and it is very exciting.”

Shaping the Future of ITSM Together

Together, we are not just embracing change; we are driving it. Our collective expertise, coupled with the capabilities of the Power Platform, is a recipe for success that will redefine ITSM and elevate the standards of service excellence.

This partnership is a testament to our dedication to digital transformation and our relentless pursuit of excellence. We are excited to join forces with VDE Services and look forward to the transformative impact we will create together. As we venture into this new chapter, we invite you to stay tuned for updates and insights as we continue to write the story of innovation and ITSM excellence.

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