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Webcasts: Automating Requests with ServiceTeam ITSM

You’ve decided that you’d like to implement the ServiceTeam ITSM Request Catalog. You’ve brainstormed, analyzed, and planned which request offerings would work best to help you achieve your goal of boosting productivity, saving time, and servicing your customers better. You’ve decided upon: onboarding, security and access permissions, and acquire new services and resources. Just to name a few. But wait. There’s more. Now it’s time to automate.

Learn how you can achieve your goals by automating request offerings with ServiceTeam ITSM Automation Streams and Microsoft Power Automate. Whether you want to start simply or go for the gold right away, this webcast will tell you how to get there.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to build out the ServiceTeam ITSM Request Catalog.
  • Which automation strategy is best to meet your specific request goals.
  • About a standard employee Onboarding automation using Automation Streams capability.
  • How to build a standard Approvals automation using Power Automate.

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