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Webcasts: Boost Efficiency and Make Better Decisions with Knowledge Centered Service

It’s easy to think of Knowledge Management as existing solely to help IT do their jobs better, resolve issues more quickly and service the end-user faster. But Knowledge Management is an important function for successful self-service too. The better your knowledge articles, the easier for people to find answers to questions, the more-likely self-service will actually work and not be another drain on your resources.

The ServiceTeam Knowledge Centered Service capability brings all knowledge into a centralized location, letting agents and users alike peruse and find information efficiently and effectively. Join Derek Renton and Brian Field as they demonstrate how you can take advantage of Knowledge Centered Service.

In this webcast, you’ll learn

  • What is Knowledge Centered Service and how it functions.
  • Understand how the agent can use the Research Center, and how items can be exposed within the Research Center.
  • What are the benefits of Knowledge Centered Service for Service Desk Management
  • How Knowledge Centered Service Can Improve Customer Satisfaction.

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