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Webcasts: ServiceTeam ITSM Feature and Benefits Webcasts

Scroll down below to review all the on-demand ServiceTeam ITSM feature and benefit webcasts. Each webcast is approximately half an hour long.

How to Manage Tickets, Incidents and Problems with Modern and Flexible Processes

The key to great service management is to manage issues and service requests with modern and flexible processes for tickets, incidents, problem management, and more.

Now is the time to run an ITSM system that is powered by Microsoft using products that you sell and implement every day.

ServiceTeam ITSM Power Apps let you leverage Microsoft technologies to achieve modern service management. Join us for an in-depth review of how to manage tickets, incidents, and problems within ServiceTeam ITSM.

In this webcast you’ll learn about:

  • The ticket intake process and how to triage tickets leveraging ITIL-aligned best practices and a standardized and automated process regardless of the source.
  • The flexibility inherent in the ticket workflow so agent activity and responsiveness are customer-focused and efficient.
  • How to effectively work through the incident management process to quickly resolve issues.
  • How to leverage problem management when you find that there is a greater issue underlying repetitive incidents.
  • How to leverage a known error database, associate problems to tickets and services, notify users of known issues, and deflect tickets once a problem has been identified.
  • How to compare ServiceTeam to tools including ConnectWise, ServiceNow, AutoTask, and others.

Empower Employees and Customers with the ServiceTeam ITSM Service Catalog

A centralized Service Catalog can increase operational efficiency, improve usage of self-service and help you maintain accurate service-related information. The ServiceTeam ITSM Service Catalog capability centralizes services offered, service criticality, customer benefits, critical dates and more—all within a single view. Join Derek Renton and Brian Field of Provance as they demonstrate how implementing the ServiceTeam ITSM Service Catalog can work for you.

In this webcast you’ll learn about:

• How to configure the Service Catalog, including defining and tracking service lifecycles.
• How business process flows operate based on service type (business, technical and managed).
• How to associate tickets, problems, announcements and change notices with business, technical and managed services for better communications and understanding.
• How to leverage service mapping for a quick visual of the hierarchy between a business and technical services.

How ServiceTeam ITSM Leverages User-Centered Methods to Enhance the Agent Experience

Today, Service Desk agents need a solution that emulates their own natural way of working and they need the right tools to support that natural behavior to best service their end-users, whether that’s customers or employees. When we engineered ServiceTeam ITSM, we used user-centered methods to inform our design decisions. Join Derek Renton and Priya Mehta as they discuss and demonstrate how ServiceTeam ITSM enhances Service Desk agent experience to help them facilitate a more seamless service experience.

In this webcast, you’ll learn about how ServiceTeam ITSM:

  • Provides a simplified ticket management workflow.
  • Makes ticket status clear and transparent.
  • Exposes the right information at the right time to Service Desk agents.
  • Helps Service Desk agents make faster decisions.
  • How leveraging automation can help Service Desk agents be more efficient and effective.

Why ServiceTeam ITSM is Better Than Case Management

To the untrained ear, IT Service Management (ITSM) and case management might seem like the same thing, but ITSM goes far beyond case management. In fact, our flagship ITSM Power Apps solution, ServiceTeam® ITSM Professional, is purpose built for Microsoft Partners and MSPs, helping them streamline processes, lower operational costs and exceed customer expectations. Microsoft customers can benefit too.

Join Derek Renton and Brian Field of Provance as they discuss and demonstrate how ServiceTeam ITSM goes well beyond case management.

In this on-demand webcast you’ll learn about:
• How ServiceTeam ITSM Professional is designed and purpose-built to meet your needs as an IT service provider, rather than case management.
• The ServiceTeam ITSM Professional features—which do not exist or have limited capabilities in average case management solutions—have been designed to save you time and money, from built-in automation, to ticket templates, to time tracking, and much more.
• How ServiceTeam ITSM has been designed to put key information upfront and at the fingertips of Service Desk agents, Managers and customers.
• How the Provance Services Platform lets ServiceTeam ITSM seamlessly connect to your Microsoft-centric ecosystem, providing you with painless, in-depth integrations to the technologies you depend upon.

Automating Requests with ServiceTeam ITSM

You’ve decided that you’d like to implement the ServiceTeam ITSM Request Catalog. You’ve brainstormed, analyzed, and planned which request offerings would work best to help you achieve your goal of boosting productivity, saving time, and servicing your customers better. You’ve decided upon: onboarding, security and access permissions, and acquire new services and resources. Just to name a few. But wait. There’s more. Now it’s time to automate.

Learn how you can achieve your goals by automating request offerings with ServiceTeam ITSM Automation Streams and Microsoft Power Automate. Whether you want to start simply or go for the gold right away, this webcast will tell you how to get there.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to build out the ServiceTeam ITSM Request Catalog.
  • Which automation strategy is best to meet your specific request goals.
  • About a standard employee Onboarding automation using Automation Streams capability.
  • How to build a standard Approvals automation using Power Automate.

Boost Efficiency and Make Decisions with Knowledge Centered Service

It’s easy to think of Knowledge Management as existing solely to help IT do their jobs better, resolve issues more quickly and service the end-user faster. But Knowledge Management is an important function for successful self-service too. The better your knowledge articles, the easier for people to find answers to questions, the more-likely self-service will actually work and not be another drain on your resources.

The ServiceTeam Knowledge Centered Service capability brings all knowledge into a centralized location, letting agents and users alike peruse and find information efficiently and effectively. Join Derek Renton and Brian Field of Provance on Wednesday, October 26, as they demonstrate how you can take advantage of Knowledge Centered Service.

In this webcast, you’ll learn

  • What is Knowledge Centered Service and how it functions.
  • Understand how the agent can use the Research Center, and how items can be exposed within the Research Center.
  • What are the benefits of Knowledge Centered Service for Service Desk Management
  • How Knowledge Centered Service Can Improve Customer Satisfaction.

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