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Webcasts: Shift to a Service Delivery Mindset by Leveraging the ServiceTeam ITSM Service Catalog and Service Mapping

IT Experts have been extolling the benefits of implementing a Service Catalog since the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) formally introduced the concept in 2007. Efficiency. Productivity. Visibility. But there’s more to the ServiceTeam ITSM Service Catalog then just a listing of available services. In fact, the ServiceTeam ITSM Service Catalog also lets you maintain accurate service information, leverage service maps and service layers—all of which will help you understand the impact of external monitoring tool alerts.

Learn how you can go beyond just implementing a Service Catalog and shift to a service delivery mindset, leveraging service mapping and service layers for more efficient and effective service delivery.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage a service definition to ensure your Service Catalog has the right kind of information.
  • About Service Maps and Service Layers, and how you can build them.
  • How Service Maps are different then Service Dependencies.
  • How Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment benefit from Service Maps, with regard to Problem Management, Major Incident Management and IT Asset Management.
  • How Event Management, Change Management and Availability Management benefit from Service Maps.


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