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Webcasts: Why ServiceTeam® ITSM is Better Than Case Management

To the untrained ear, IT Service Management (ITSM) and case management might seem like the same thing, but ITSM goes far beyond case management. In fact, our flagship ITSM Power Apps solution, ServiceTeam® ITSM Professional, is purpose built for Microsoft Partners and MSPs, helping them streamline processes, lower operational costs and exceed customer expectations. Microsoft customers can benefit too.

Join Derek Renton and Brian Field of Provance as they discuss and demonstrate how ServiceTeam ITSM goes well beyond case management.

In this webcast you’ll learn about:
• How ServiceTeam ITSM Professional is designed and purpose-built to meet your needs as an IT service provider, rather than case management.
• The ServiceTeam ITSM Professional features—which do not exist or have limited capabilities in average case management solutions—have been designed to save you time and money, from built-in automation, to ticket templates, to time tracking, and much more.
• How ServiceTeam ITSM has been designed to put key information upfront and at the fingertips of Service Desk agents, Managers and customers.
• How the Provance Services Platform lets ServiceTeam ITSM seamlessly connect to your Microsoft-centric ecosystem, providing you with painless, in-depth integrations to the technologies you depend upon.

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