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Do our customers have to move to ServiceTeam ITSM?

No, they don’t have to. However, the ServiceTeam® family of products might be something that interests them. Please review the ServiceTeam product information on our website for more information about the product line and the different capabilities per edition. To get a better sense of what ServiceTeam has to offer, come to our upcoming webcast on May 20th.

What’s happening with the current Provance ITSM product?

We continue to invest and add capabilities to ITSM v9+, with updates planned for July and November 2021.

What happens if our customers like ServiceTeam ITSM and would like to move to it?

All customers with valid subscriptions will have the right to shift to ServiceTeam—no matter the edition. Contact your partner or account manager.

Are there migration tools or processes to move to ServiceTeam ITSM?

We are recommending a dual use approach during a transition period. The good news is it is the same platform.  We will create a view within ServiceTeam that will allow the service desk users to see tickets in both Provance ITSM and ServiceTeam ITSM to make it easier for them until transition is complete. Provance will also provide guidance and support throughout the transition.

Does this impact Provance ITAM?

Not at this time. However, we are building a new Power Apps version of our ITAM product under the ServiceTeam family. ServiceTeam ITAM will be available later this year.

What MSFT licenses are needed to support ServiceTeam?

Each ITSM user will need a Power Apps license. For the Self-Service Portal, Power Portal licensing applies that is different for internal or external portal users.

Is there a test drive or free trial available?

Yes. The test drive will be available on Microsoft AppSource, or you can request a free trial through our website.

If our customers are interested in ServiceTeam, but need Professional or Enterprise, can we start with Essentials?

Yes. The ability to shift to Professional and Enterprise seamlessly is built into the design. The product family is designed to grow with our customers’ needs and as they require more capabilities.

Is ServiceTeam compliant with ITIL?        

ServiceTeam builds off our ITIL verified Dynamics 365 ITSM solution, and the applications are ITIL-aligned. ITIL Pink Verification is planned.

Learn more about what ServiceTeam by coming to our webcast. Do you have more questions? Please contact

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