Provance ® Data Management for Microsoft ® System Center

Capabilities of Provance Data Management for Microsoft System Center

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Provance has been delivering world class IT Asset Management solutions since 1997 to enterprises and government organizations of all sizes.


Provance Data Management adds simple, fast and accurate data import to Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 to ensure your IT Service Management and IT Asset Management programs are optimally supported.


Import Data Directly from Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Provance supplements the System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager (SCSM) connectors for Active Directory®, Configuration Manager (SCCM), Operations Manager (SCOM), Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), Orchestrator and CSV import with the ability to access data directly from Microsoft SQL Server and LDAP directories. Whether you are making a one-time data migration to Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager or require ongoing data synchronization with other applications, Provance Data Management lets you import file outputs from third party systems or access data directly from staged or transactional database repositories. A simple, wizard driven process lets you connect to a SQL Server database or browse and select a CSV file. The columns from your data source are then available for you to quickly and easily map to destinations in the Microsoft System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager CMDB.

Eliminate XML Coding and Schema Guesswork

Provance Data Management eliminates the need to code XML format files to import your data from CSV files. You simply use forms and wizards to browse the Configuration Items classes and objects in the Service Manager CMDB and select the destinations for each column sourced from your import file or database. You no longer have to worry about identifying the right XML values for projection types, classes or property IDs, properly structuring your XML or making sure you order your XML tags in precisely the same sequence that the values appear in your file. Furthermore, you see every data element in your CMDB, including customizations you’ve made using the Authoring Tool for System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager or extensions by third party management packs. Provance Data Management eliminates guesswork and the need for accurate reference documentation to fully understand the schema and structure of your CMDB.

A Clear View of Complex CI Relationships

Relationships between CIs in your Service Manger CMDBs can be extremely complex. Provance Data Management provides you with an intuitive, visual interface that allows you to readily understand the relationships between CIs in your CMDB and graphically illustrates the relationships you choose to include in your import. When you select more than one object, Provance Data Management shows you a complete list of all the relationships between the two objects, and lets you add a relationship to support the import. Even relationships and combinations of relationships that cannot be represented in XML format files by Projection Types are shown, making it possible for you to perform imports that cannot be accomplished otherwise.

Change Only the Data You Need To Change

Provance Data Management makes it possible for you to add only new data or make partial updates to existing data based on conditions you specify. For example, you can change the assignment of all Incidents from one analyst to another without changing any other information. The ability to import data in one pass while maintaining all relationships and avoiding data duplication eliminates the need to break up CSVs into multiple files, import your files in the correct order and look up and insert Property IDs from the CMDB between imports.

Transform and Normalize Data While You Import

In addition to importing values sourced from file or database records, Provance Data Management also lets you populate fields with constant values, values from the lists in your Service Manager Library, and list values calculated dynamically at import based on conditions you specify. For example, you may want to specify a common location or the same date to all records imported from the same file or database table. You can simply specify a constant value that will apply to all the records instead of creating an additional column in your source data. You can also select values from the lists maintained in the Service Manager Library, including custom lists or values that you have added or modified. Furthermore, list values can be determined conditionally based on the values of any other fields you’re importing. To consolidate and cleanse your data, you have the ability to combine data from multiple source columns to a single destination property, split source data, perform calculations, and parse or insert characters. Provance Data Management for Microsoft System Center makes it possible for you to transform and normalize data during import and reduces the amount of external manipulation required to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

Save and Re-Use Import Definitions

Provance Data Management makes it easy to import data frequently for regular incremental updates or ongoing synchronization with other systems and applications. Once you have specified all the mappings, relationships, update conditions and values for your data import, you can save your configuration as a template for frequent use. You can even save your template to a file and use your import definition with another Service Manager deployment. This allows you to create data import templates in test environments that can be moved to production, that can be transferred between different locations, or even shared between separate companies.

Schedule and Automate Imports

Support for PowerShell allows you to fully automate and control the powerful data import capabilities of Provance Data Management. The PowerShell cmdlet provided with Provance Data Management lets you perform an import based on the import template, data source and database query you specify. The PowerShell script can be executed manually, launched by workflows, or combined with other PowerShell scripts, allowing you automatically keep key sources of data up to date and current as part of an activity sequence, based on event triggers such as file changes, or at scheduled days and times.

Data Export

Provance Data Management also makes it easier to get data out of Microsoft System Center 2012  / 2016 - Service Manager (SCSM). The Data Export task allows you to filter and select CIs (configuration items) in the Service Manager CMDB from a view in the Service Manager Console, specify columns representing the data classes and attributes you want to include, and export the data to a CSV file. The CSV file can then be used for viewing, manipulation and distribution using Microsoft Excel. If you like, you can use Provance Data Management to re-import the data you’ve manipulated in Excel to greatly simplify the task of making bulk changes to large quantities of data in the Service Manager CMDB.

Before using Provance we were constantly going back and cross referencing systems to figure out what we had and when we bought it. Makes work a lot easier!

Patrick Wirtz, Innovation Manager
The Walsh Group