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IT Service Management: Why Our Customers Choose ServiceTeam Over All The Others

There are many ITSM and ITAM solutions in the market today covering mass needs or more niche requirements. Some are more suitable for large enterprises, mid market others for Managed Service Providers, and so on.  

Our customers and their needs are at the heart of every decision we make. We canvassed our newer customers to find out why they made the switch to ServiceTeam, and also asked our long-term customers why they’ve stayed. This is what we heard: 

ServiceTeam is a Best-of-Platform Solution 

Our Microsoft-centric customers originally come to us because they are looking for best-of-platform ITSM and ITAM solutions. Our customers are great fans of Microsoft technology and are already heavy users of Azure, the Power Platform, Power Apps, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Teams, and other Microsoft technologies. They see an opportunity to drive savings and increase value. Some of the benefits of deploying a platform solution include: easy to implement with built-in integrations; easy to manage configurations and upgrades; leverage skillsets and knowledge across business services—all of which result in an extension of value and reduction of costs. Moreover, Microsoft has been recognized by both Gartner and Forrester as a Leader in Low-Code platforms. The ServiceTeam ITSM and ServiceTeam ITAM Power Apps are native to the Microsoft Power Platform, live within the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and share the same digital DNA as the Microsoft technologies our customers already use—letting them take advantage of their already-made investments to achieve greater value and more cost-effective ITSM and ITAM. Our customers directly benefit from Microsoft’s extensive scale, security, and flexibility.  

ServiceTeam Lives Within Microsoft Azure 

This benefits our customers in two ways. First, our customers’ data is hosted in their Azure tenant, not within a vendor’s own external cloud service or database. The data is managed within Azure (as part of the Power Platform and Dataverse) and only those individuals our customers decide to give access to it, can see it—Provance does not manage or control your data—minimizing risk. Even though some of our competitors may allow companies to choose Microsoft Azure to host their applications, their solutions reside in our competitors’ Azure tenant, thereby the customer no longer directly controls access to their data, and instead must rely on the vendor (our competitors). Second, Microsoft Azure is one of the most secure Cloud platforms out there. None of our competitors can offer the global scale, flexibility and security that Microsoft can and because ServiceTeam is a Power App and runs in a Power Platform environment our customers minimize risk in comparison to relying on our competitors’ own cloud and application environments. To better understand what Microsoft Azure brings to the table, check out our blog post More Than Just an App on Microsoft Azure: How Azure Capabilities Flow Through ServiceTeam Power Apps to Benefit our Customers. 

ServiceTeam is Easier and Faster to Customize 

We promote that ServiceTeam has codeless configuration all over our marketing materials, and no wonder why, this is a feature that helps our customers achieve much more cost-effective ITSM and ITAM than if they’d have gone with some of our competitors. When we say codeless configuration, we mean it. Our customers can configure, modify and adapt ServiceTeam with ease—no developers and no code needed. Since ServiceTeam is a Microsoft Power App, which is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, ServiceTeam inherits all the low-code / no-code benefits of the platform, therefore needed changes to items such as workflows, forms, tables, automations are more easily and quickly done. And when you compare that to our competitor’s products which often need outsourced resources to make the most minor of changes, Power Apps comes out on top regarding ease-of-use to customize and modify. Moreover, the Power Apps technology lets you innovate and build low-code apps that automate and modernize your business, thus employees will be able to use their Power App skills to continue to build value for their organization and themselves beyond ServiceTeam. We leveraged Power Apps to build ServiceTeam to be as flexible and simple as possible so you won’t get lost in lots of complexity when trying to configure or modify to keep up with our fast-paced world.  

 ServiceTeam Integrations are Comparatively Painless 

No integration should be painful. When our current customers moved to ServiceTeam, they often share with us a very different story about their experience with some of our competitor products. For example, having spent lots of money on creating integrations that develop issues the moment there’s an update. How they need highly specialist resources to build integrations. ServiceTeam comes with built-in integrations to an array of products we know our customers already use such as Azure Monitor, Intune, Azure DevOps, System Center, Jira, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, N-Able N-Central, and more. ServiceTeam is also highly extensible. First, by leveraging the Microsoft Dataverse Connectors, which offers hundreds of connectors to other applications and data sources. Similarly, Microsoft Power Automate cloud flows let our customers integrate whether the needed solutions are Microsoft or non-Microsoft based solutions. Both capabilities extend the value of the platform without huge effort, cost, and resources. 

ServiceTeam Leverages Power BI and the Microsoft Dataverse  

Unlike our competitors, ServiceTeam leverages one of the best reporting solutions on the market, Microsoft Power BI. The sky is the limit when it comes to reporting with Power BI. Of course, ServiceTeam ITSM comes with a number of out-of-the-box reports, including ITSM-related management reports and ITSM-related service desk reports. And with the ServiceTeam Power BI reports, our customers can easily create and customize reports for their unique requirements and business scenarios. The Microsoft Dataverse provides the underlying data storage for ServiceTeam, as it does for other apps on the platform. Unlike some of our competitors, since ServiceTeam uses the Microsoft Dataverse there is no need for a data warehouse to enable advanced reporting—resulting in increased cost, and complexity. ServiceTeam out-of-the-box reporting leverages model-driven apps for real-time reporting, and leverages Power BI for advanced reporting such as management and trending reports. Thus, by leveraging Power BI and the Dataverse, our ServiceTeam customers can exploit any data, in any way, and anywhere, so everyone is making the best decisions with the most recent information.  

Lower Total Cost of Ownership of ServiceTeam  

Up to now, we’ve detailed some of the ways our customers save money: platform solution, Microsoft Azure, codeless configuration, painless integrations, and leveraging Power BI. But there’s more. First, we offer two different levels of ServiceTeam ITSM—Professional and Enterprise. Whether you are a mid-level organization or an enterprise, you’ll find features more aligned to your needs. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t force you into a one-size-fits-all model, which is really geared to the needs of large enterprises. Our customers use most of the features of ServiceTeam, not just 20 percent. There’s also no need to buy different licenses based on users’ roles. The ServiceTeam licensing model is quite simple (see more information on pricing). When you buy a ServiceTeam product, you purchase all the features listed, there’s no extra charge or hidden fees to obtain other features or processes.  

Second, although you need to have Microsoft Power Apps licenses and potentially other Microsoft licenses to use all the capabilities, the total cost of all the licenses is typically lower than our competitors who have a similar level of functionality. Plus, the lower operational costs, flexibility, resource skillset utilization, and more add to the overall value and benefits. Moreover, since our customers are Microsoft-centric, in many cases they already have the Microsoft licensing in place and ServiceTeam plugs right in. 

In conclusion, our customers find great value and cost savings with our ServiceTeam ITSM and ITAM products in and of themselves, as well as the benefits that flow through from being part of the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Azure and the broader Microsoft eco-system. ServiceTeam will continue to evolve, not only because of our customer needs and market forces, but because Microsoft continues to evolve and invest in its own technological capabilities, such as AI, which will flow through our ServiceTeam products. At Provance, we also go out of our way to deliver great customer service to our customers—it’s in our digital DNA. Our customers’ IT success is our success.  


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