Software Intelligence for Microsoft ® System Center

An overview of Software Intelligence for Microsoft System Center.


Software IntelligenceSM simplifies software license optimization by standardizing your software assets and increasing the reliability of the software installation detection process. The technology converts discovered software items through recognition rules into an accurate inventory of normalized software installations.

Software Intelligence works seamlessly together with Provance’s existing Best Fit AnalysisTM (BFA) technology to calculate your effective licensing position (ELP) by evaluating your software license entitlements against your discovered software installations. This allows your software asset managers, to effectively manage your existing entitlements, avoid audit surprises and better plan your future license purchases.

With its built-in subscription service, Software Intelligence ensures subscribers receive new software recognition rules as software publishers update and release software. Software asset managers control what models are published and when. It reduces the complexity required to manage software assets by normalizing publisher data, but still retains the ability to support either in-house or non-catalog software titles.

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