Software Intelligence for Microsoft ® System Center

Capabilities of Software Intelligence for Microsoft System Center


Software Intelligence uses trusted discovery tools like System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to harvest the raw installation data from your inventoried hardware assets. The same primary source that most software publishers rely on during audits and true-ups.

Software intelligence uses multi-point installation foot-print recognition to determine which publisher, title and version is installed, thereby improving the reliability of your installation map. It automates the critical initial and ongoing maintenance of software mappings (your discovered installs to your purchased titles and versions) to definitively identify titles, languages and product editions through a comprehensive set of software recognition rules turning the complex voluminous discovery data into manageable software asset information.

A software catalog of standardized publisher, titles and versions is created and maintained, identifying not only discovered software and the install counts but other titles that you may procure going forward. This allows software asset managers to add entitlement inventory even before software is installed and discovered.

The subscription service updates the recognition rules on a monthly basis allowing software asset managers to stay current and ahead of their procurements. The rules currently recognizes over 6,000 of the most popular enterprise software titles and their versions from major software publishers including: Microsoft, Autodesk, IBM and Adobe.