The Essentials for Microsoft ® System Center

An overview of The Essentials for Microsoft System Center



The Essentials. A free collection of “must have” utilities for Microsoft System Center – Service Manager. A perfect complement to The Suite, these utilities add essential functionality to Microsoft System Center – Service Manager, including:

  • Analytics and Dashboards. A community edition introducing you to the powerful analytic and dashboard application included with The Suite.
  • Auto-Close. Allows you to automatically discover and close various work items in Microsoft System Center Service Manager. Automatic closure occurs every day when the associated workflow runs at midnight in your local time zone.
  • Billable Time. Record the amount of time your analysts have worked on Service Requests, Change Requests, Release Records and Manual Activities.
  • Clone User Roles. With just a single task clone an existing Service Manager user role and copy all settings to a new user role.
  • Entity Explorer. Browse and get information about the classes, relationships and objects stored in the Service Manager database.
  • PowerForm. Lets you start creating a work item and documenting details of a call before you know if it’s an Incident or a Service Request.
  • ScsmPx. An open source PowerShell module that facilitates automation with Microsoft System Center Service Manager. It includes over 100 complementary commands that are not available out of the box to allow you to do much more with your PowerShell automation efforts.
  • Send Mail. Lets analysts send information or ask questions by e-mail about requests they are working on directly from the Microsoft System Center – Service Manager console.
  • SOS Outlook Plugin. Create incidents and service requests and check their status directly from Microsoft Outlook. With no database or server components required, you can be operational in less than 5 minutes.

All of these essential utilities are provided FREE of charge!