The Suite for Microsoft System Center - Service Manager

A collection of highly acclaimed, partner built enhancements for Service Manager together in a single, inexpensive suite. All the capabilities you need. One license. One low price.


Total management. For less.

Introducing The Suite, a new, low priced collection of products that provide enhanced functionality to Microsoft System Center – Service Manager. “The Suite” provides total management for Service Manager for an unbeatable price. It includes a replacement self-service portal, web-based analyst console, IT asset management, analytics and dashboards, and data management. Also provided is a collection of powerful add-ons that extend and augment the management of Work Items in the Service Manager console.

One suite, one license – and one low price

“The Suite” for Microsoft System Center – Service Manager is provided under a simple, straightforward license. One low purchase price based on the size of your company gives you an organization-wide, perpetual use license for all of the products included in The Suite. The Suite is offered at a significant discount compared to the cost of acquiring the same functional capability by purchasing individual products.

You can have it all – for less

All the components of The Suite are integrated and fully interoperable, and you deal directly with one company for sales and support. You get the best of all worlds: A collection of proven best-of-breed products independently developed by the most innovative and inventive third-party developers of solutions for Microsoft System Center — together in a single suite under one simple license — all for one low price!

Plus, get the essentials. For free.

Complementing The Suite is a free collection of “must have” utilities for Microsoft System Center – Service Manager. These utilities for console users and administrators add essential functionality to Microsoft System Center – Service Manager, such as sending e-mail from within the Service Manager console, time tracking for work items, and administrative utilities for navigating the Service Manager CMDB and managing user roles. Many additional free utilities are planned for introduction within the coming months.