The Suite for Microsoft System Center - Service Manager

A collection of highly acclaimed, partner built enhancements for Service Manager together in a single, inexpensive suite. All the capabilities you need. One license. One low price.


Self Service Portal

The Suite includes a powerful, lightweight self-service portal for Microsoft System Center ― Service Manager that allows your end users to browse the IT Service Catalog, create new requests, view and update open requests and work on activities. Built with cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3, the self-service portal is fast, intuitive and highly customizable. It does not require SharePoint or Silverlight, and supports a wide range of browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

The self-service portal also provides rich, new, extended capabilities for formatting, customization, knowledge base delivery and announcements that afford a much enhanced experience not included as part of the out-of-the box portal.

Analyst Web Console

The Suite includes a web console that allows analysts to perform their day-to-day activities without having to install or use the Microsoft System Center ― Service Manager management console application. The analyst web console provides analysts with much greater flexibility in choosing their method of access without compromising the rich console experience. The familiar Service Manager interface is maintained in the web console, allowing seamless transition between both environments and elimination of any need for training. Browser based access affords improved scalability, and optimization for the web assures maximized performance.

Unique to the analyst web console are features that leverage the web to enhance your Service Manager experience. Form customization lets you precisely tailor and optimized your interaction with Service Manager, and the ability to add hyperlinks in emails and instant messages leverages the power of web interactivity to broaden access and improve efficiency.

IT Asset Management

The Suite provides you IT asset management functionality that runs within Microsoft System Center - Service Manager to provide Software and IT Asset Management.  This supplemental IT asset management capability allows you to take control of IT costs, improve IT Service Management efficiency and reduce security and compliance risks. It extends the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform with additional functionality to manage the financial, contractual and organizational information necessary to support Software Asset Management, License Compliance, IT Asset Life Cycle Management, and more cost-effective and efficient IT Service Management.

Analytics and Dashboards

The Suite adds functionality for analytics and dashboard reporting to Microsoft System Center – Service manager providing powerful insight and visibility for supporting IT decision makers.

The Suite includes and analytics and dashboard client application that lets you easily sort, group, classify, graph and create reports for Service Manager – without requiring access or deployment of a data warehouse. The dashboard features readymade KPI metrics, workflow status monitoring, and team workload management. As a stand alone, client application, no server or database components are required. You can be setup and operational in less than 5 minutes.

Data Management

The Suite greatly simplifies and speeds the process for getting data into and out of Microsoft System Center - Service Manager while simultaneously improving the consistency and accuracy of your data. You can quickly and easily source the data you need to support effective Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration and Request Management, as well as IT Asset Life Cycle and Software Asset Management. Provance supplements the connectors provided with System Center 2012 / 2016 to give you to access to data from other IT service desks, import and discovery tools, network systems management solutions, user management systems, Configuration Management Systems (CMSs), CMDBs, and ERP and CRM systems. You can use data from just about any source to add or update Configuration Items in your System Center 2012 / 2016 - Service Manager CMDB, including custom classes and properties. An easy to use graphical interface makes it simple to create and save templates that let you import data from both files and databases without coding or extensive knowledge about the CMDB schema. Furthermore, reducing the need for external manipulation and data cleansing significantly improves the accuracy and consistency of the Configuration Items in your Service Manager CMDB.



PowerPack is a powerful trio add-ons for Microsoft System Center - Service Manager included with The Suite that make it simpler and easier to manage work items. Using either the Service Manager console or the analyst web console, the PowerPack utilities provide clarified visibility and management of work item assignment.

PowerAssign lets you selecting an assignee for work items based on support groups and configuration items. Depending on the selected support group or affected configuration items, the PowerAssign console task shows a filtered short list of users to pick from when choosing the affected user for and incident, problem, service request or release record.

When registering a new work item in Service Manager, PowerForm shows a generic form that lets you start describing the details of a new request without knowing if it is an incident or a service request. When you establish which work item type is most appropriate, you can select a template and open the right form. No more canceling incident forms after realizing it is really a service request you need!

PowerView adds a new combination view to Service Manager. In a single pane, you have consolidated visibility and access to all types of work items, including Activities that are assigned to you or groups you belong to. PowerView eliminates the need to navigate through different views to find your assigned work items.