Microsoft and Provance Present:

Dynamic Solution for Modern Enterprise Service Management Webinar

Microsoft and Provance Presents:

Dynamic Solution for a Modern Enterprise Service Management Webcast Series (On-Demand)

Presented by:

John Clark, Cross-Domain Solution Architect, Microsoft Enterprises Services

Per Mikkelsen, VP of Product and Partner Services, Provance

Part 1: 

Success today involves an evolution from traditional, "pre-cloud" IT Service Management to Modern Service Management© optimized and integrated for today's new hybrid technology landscape. Solutions that drive efficiencies into on-premise, private cloud, hybrid and public cloud scenarios.

Modern Service Management powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Provance IT Service Management, provides a complete end-to-end view of services deployed across cloud and on-premise environments. Enabling traditional ITSM workloads and scenarios while leveraging investments in Microsoft productivity capabilities, providing a platform for easy transition to a modern service management future.

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Part 2: 

Traditional IT Service Management patterns continue to evolve and be evolved for today's new hybrid, mobile and Cloud-based technology landscape. Solutions need to drive efficiencies in on-premise, private cloud, hybrid and public Cloud scenarios, including non-Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Provance IT Service Management provide a complete Modern Service Management© based end-to-end management solution of services deployed across multiple Cloud and on-premise environments.

New features are continually released to support cloud and on-premise management scenarios. This includes, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud management, Automation integration, and supporting the DevOps tool chain with Visual Studio and other development, deployment and testing solutions.

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