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Empower Employees and Customers with the ServiceTeam ITSM Service Catalog

A centralized Service Catalog can increase operational efficiency, improve usage of self-service and help you maintain accurate service-related information. The ServiceTeam ITSM Service Catalog capability centralizes services offered, service criticality, customer benefits, critical dates and more—all within a single view. Join Derek Renton and Brian Field of Provance as they demonstrate how implementing the ServiceTeam ITSM Service Catalog can work for you.


In this webcast you’ll learn about:

• How to configure the Service Catalog, including defining and tracking service lifecycles.
• How business process flows operate based on service type (business, technical and managed).
• How to associate tickets, problems, announcements and change notices with business, technical and managed services for better communications and understanding.
• How to leverage service mapping for a quick visual of the hierarchy between a business and technical services.

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