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New, Low Priced Suite of Enhancements for Microsoft® System Center Service Manager Now Available


Gatineau, Quebec (May , 2014) A group of Microsoft® System Center partners announced today they are offering a new, low priced suite of products that provide enhanced functionality to Microsoft System Center Service Manager. The Suite provides total management for Service Manager for less cost. It includes a replacement self-service portal, web-based analyst console, IT asset management, analytics and dashboards, and data management. Also provided is a collection of powerful add-ons that extend and augment the management of Work Items in the Service Manager console.

The functional capabilities delivered by The Suite are offered at a significant discount to the cost of the products purchased separately. Price for the collection starts at $15,300 USD for companies with less than 1,000 employees.

Also offered free of charge are a number of à la carte utilities that provide essential functionality, such as sending e-mail from within the Service Manager console, time tracking for work items, capturing work item detail before type is known, and administrative utilities for navigating the Service Manager CMDB and managing user roles. Many additional free utilities are planned for introduction within the coming months.

The Suite for Microsoft System Center Service Manager is provided under a simple, straightforward license. One single purchase price based on the size of company acquires an organization-wide, perpetual use license for all of the products included in The Suite.

The Suite is available for immediate purchase. Sales and support is provided through a single point of engagement. The Suite is supported exclusively by Provance®, and is available for purchase directly from Provance or authorized Provance partners and resellers. The Suite is available from a combined network over 75 partners around the world, with representation in 30 countries.

The Suite Functionality:

Self Service Portal. A fast, lightweight, highly customizable self-service web portal that allows any user to submit and manage IT requests from a variety of browsers.

Analyst Web Console. Perform common tasks you can ordinarily only accomplish with the Microsoft System Center  Service Manager management console application, using just a web browser.

IT Asset Management. Take control of IT costs, increase efficiency and reduce risk with management of hardware and software assets across the entire life cycle, from request to disposal.

Analytics and Dashboards. Increase operational effectiveness with insight and visibility into important trends and critical performance measures.

Data Management. Greatly speed and simplify the process of getting data into and out of Microsoft System Center - Service Manager while simultaneously improving the consistency and accuracy of data.

PowerPack. A collection of three powerful add-ons accessible from both the Microsoft System Center Service Manager console and the web-based analyst console. These add-ons allow work items to be created before selecting type, at a glance visibility into all work items assigned to the console user, and rapid work item assignment based on pre-defined relationships.

To purchase, contact Provance or visit for more information.

The Suite is a collaboration between several Microsoft System Center partners and participants in They include (alphabetically): Expit, Gridpro, Provance and Syliance.



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